Imaginext DC Superfriends
Hawkman & Flash
2 Inch scale
By: Fisher-Price

Toy distribution can be a strange thing. Back in April of 2011, I mentioned in my Imaginext Green Lantern review, seeing Hawkman & Flash being bundled with that toy. Yet earlier this month is the first time I’ve ever seen the Flash and Hawkman “single” pack. I know it’s been out for a while, but it’s just now starting to hit stores around me.


Which can be pretty frustrating. Especially when Target has had those Imaginext tube displays (you know with all the figures inside) out for a good year or so. Making me look at figures that never seem to appear on shelves. But finally these guys are in my area and I decided to buy some. Why? Well I still like the Imaginext line and it’s not like Mattel is putting any other DC product out these days.

Traditionally the Imaginext sets came with one figure and a vehicle/weapon and were a bit bigger. These single cards (even though they’re double packs) are a bit skinnier. They still have the basic Imaginext design and they blend in well with all the other Imaginext toys. Heck, they might just blend in too well.


This is definitely not a toy you’re buying for the packaging. Even though these are “new”, it’s clear they’ve been available for quite some time as the back of the package shows off quite a few older sets. Of course all of this stuff is still available, so it’s not an issue.


The one complaint I do have about the packaging is that there is a clear rubber band around Hawkman. But it’s not doing anything. It doesn’t hold him in the package. It’s just there. While these figures are made of a stronger plastic than a DC Universe figure, so you don’t have to worry about warping or breakage, it’s still annoying. WHY IS IT THERE? It was also a bit of a pain in the butt to get off.

Imaginext has simple, chunky and kid-like sculpts. This is universal across the line, but they do seem to have grown some in their styling. The DC Superfriends figures tend to have more sculpting as their figures have noses and stuff sculpted instead of painted onto the figure. Hawkman probably has more sculpting than most other Imaginext “humans” and Flash has a bit of unique sculpting himself.


Both figures look decent and are immediately recognizable as who they’re supposed to be.


Flash has the lightning bolts sculpted on the top of his head and smirk on his face. It’s fitting of the character. I do wish the bolts on his head were a bit better defined, though. The sloppy paint job doesn’t help.


The face paint on Flash has a fair amount of slop in general. I could probably fix it with some acetone, but it wouldn’t come off with my fingernail. Shame, as it runs a bit over the mask.


The paint on the body is much better as are the tampos, although I do wish the lightning bolt belt went a little further around his waist.


Hawkman was my main attraction to this set and he’s kind of a thing of beauty. He’s really well sculpted, his paint is pretty much spot on and he really looks better than most Imaginext guys. He doesn’t seem much like a cheap kid’s toy to me. I applaud Fisher-Price on the work done here.


In fact, I actually much prefer the simpler but still detailed sculpting of his wings to that of the DC Infinite Heroes Hawkman, who just seemed a bit too busy for his own good. I like the helmet sculpt better too. But that’s probably just the old school side of me.

Articulation continues to be the stumbling block on these figures and it’s the one thing that keeps me from being head over heels with these guys.


Flash has updated articulation, including new swivels at each wrist. It’s nice and certainly an improvement that would have helped Batman or some of the older figures. But the major drawback is the same as it always has been and that’s the legs. Flash’s legs are stuck so that they move as one piece. Meaning you can’t do any running poses. It’s a total bust in that regard, particularly for this character.


The legs don’t hurt a character like Hawkman as much, but he lacks the wrist swivels. Seriously, we know you have the ability to do it, you just did it on the other figure in this package. What gives Fisher-Price?! I assume it’s because it doesn’t fit into the “sculpt” as organically, but it’s a missed opportunity none the less.

This is a two pack in lieu of some dopey vehicle or weapon, but you do get a minor accessory and it’s quite nice.


Hawkman’s mace! It’s really more of a ball and chain here for some reason, but it looks good. It’s rubbery but not too much so. Of course it has the big CHINA logo on it, but all Mattel weapons do for some reason.


It’s nice to get this accessory and it’s a lot of fun in terms of adding play value, but I do wish Hawkman had the swivel wrists. You can’t get too many poses with the basic wrists, so it makes Flash able to wield the mace better than Hawkman. Boo!

Two figures for around $6? Not bad at all. The only downside is that leg articulation. If they could fix that, I think people would collect these more seriously. As is, it’s a fun little desk toy but nothing else.


Score Recap:
Packaging – 2
Sculpt/Paint – 7
Articulation – 5
Accessories – 6
Value – 9
Overall: 7


I don’t feel bad plunking a few bucks on these, but I do wish that the articulation was better. The paint apps and overall sculpt of Flash bring the set down just a bit. Hawkman is amazing, but Flash is just okay. I guess since these are for kids 1/3 my age, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure little tykes will love them.


Imaginext continues to be a fun line to collect. They aren’t the best for adult collectors, but they’re cheap enough that you don’t mind throwing a few dollars at them. Whilst they’re perfect for younger kids and a good value for Moms and Dads to boot. That’s just about all you can ask for these days.

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