Imaginext DC SuperFriends
The Joker, Two-Face
3 Inch Scale
By: Fisher-Price
$1.99 (Clearance)

Yesterday I took a look at two villains and a hero, today I’m taking a look at the final two villains of the single carded Imaginext DC Superfriends. The Joker has long been my favorite Batman villain, but I haven’t been overly impressed with his Imaginext figure. He’s one of the first villains that appeared in the line, while Two-Face is a new character that was introduced to the line at the tail end of 2009. How do these two miniature miscreants stack up?

There are a bunch of different packs out for these figures. These are the simple, single carded figures. A first I believe for the Imaginext line as a whole. Most typically come with a mini-vehicle or playset or something.

Neither card is impressive. If you read my review yesterday on these guys, you know what you’re dealing with.

The cards are identical for each figure. I think it would have been nice if at the bottom you got a picture of the character.

These guys attempt to shrink down the larger “DC SuperFriends” aesthetic, but do vary a little bit. They have big hands and feet and have a little bit of an SD feel to them. They aren’t overly stylized though. More “kiddie” than anything else.

One of my main problems with the SuperHero Squad and similar lines is that they attempt to make every character cutesy and kiddie. I’m not a big fan of that and traditional Japanese SD doesn’t really do that to the extremes we seem to do it here in America.

Obviously these aren’t true SD, but every character is smiling. Probably the only real downfall to this line. Of course these are aimed at the 3-8 crowd, so I guess it’s okay. Reminds me a bit of a Happy Meal toy in that respect, though. Speaking of Happy Meals, poor Joker reminds me of Ronald McDonald for some reason. His head sculpt sucks.

Personally I have to wonder if the toy market isn’t screwing itself over by marketing to little kids the same way they market to older kids. Instead of one Batman line being a huge success, you have four or five Batman lines that are all mediocre successes aimed at different age groups. But once a kid hits 7 or 8, they would feel childish to play with these toys and would be forced to move on to the bigger toys. I dunno, I guess I’m just reminded that when I was a kid, there was one set of toys for everyone.

Two-Face is particularly well done. In the pictures it looks like his arms are a different brown than his suit… That’s true, but the flash really made that look worse than it does in person. Both the Harvey Dent and the Two-Face side are quite nice actually.

It’s a simple effect, but I think it works really well. Sometimes stuff looks better when it’s on an easier canvas. That is to say, the lack of details in these sculpts make the simpler things pop more.

They have a small amount of articulation, which is key to me. I find the figurines that don’t move to be useless junk. Sorry, I’ve just always felt that way, with few exceptions. These are cool because they’re articulated.

There are fairly decent pin/post ball joints at the shoulders, as well as cut legs. The legs are locked together though, so they move as one. That’s really not as annoying as you might think it would be.

This allows you to get a few poses and increases play. The necks appear to be cut, but the sculpts always seem to impede any major movement. It’s a design flaw. I wish the legs were articulated independently of each other too. Seems like that wouldn’t cost much more to do, but what do I know?

Each figure comes with an accessory or two, which is pretty good considering the price tag. JLU’s cost twice as much and come with less.

Some of this stuff is just reused other Imaginext props, but that’s one of the benefits of building up a good library of parts. It was also Kenner’s secret to success. Reuse old crap in colors. Smart, I say.

Joker comes with something that no doubt originates from a spaceman. I think Superman may have gotten this accessory as well, not sure. Anyway it’s a grabber claw and helmet combo. It doesn’t make a lot of sense as a Joker accessory, but it’s colored in Joker colors and imaginative kids can easily come up with a story for it.

Two-Face comes with a slightly more elaborate two piece set that was tooled just for him. I believe this is a reuse from his larger, more expensive pack. The “launcher” is a neat piece with Two-Face on it. You pop his coin inside then squeeze it and it launches across the room with a fair amount of force. It also looks cool as a background piece, possibly a throne!

The included coin is pretty neat. It has Harvey on one side and Two-Face on the other.

It’s a decent plastic coin, though nowhere near as cool as my Kenner Two-Face coin that I still keep in my pocket to this day. Handy when you need to make split decisions!

Value is subjective and I’m a little biased since I got these on clearance, but I think they’re a decent buy either way. If you pay the original $4 it’s not quite as good. If you catch them on clearance, they’re literally a steal.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 3
Sculpting – 6
Articulation – 4
Accessories – Various
Value – 9
Overall – 7 out of 10


These guys are cool and they’ve made a collector out of me. I plan on doing some customs and fix-ups to make them a little more adult. Still they’re a fun addition to any toy collection and offer a little variety if you want a bit more playability from your mini toys.

4 Responses to Imaginext DC Superfriends: Joker and Two-Face Review

  • Patman668 says:

    I'd love to see pictures of your customs/fix-ups when you've finished them! These are my 4 year old son's favorite toys; we spend hours playing with them every week. We're both waiting impatiently for FP to add other characters to the line… Aquaman, Hawkman and Flash are at the top of his list. Green Lantern and Superman as the only non-Bat characters just doesn't cut it anymore…

  • That's awesome!

    I agree, Aquaman seems like a no brainer and the Flash would be cool too. Need more villains as well!

    I'll post up my customs whenever I get around to them. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head, but as per usual, who knows what all I'll actually be able to pull off. They've definitely got me excited about the possibilities though!

  • Miloelgato says:

    Heh….. i also got the Joker (altough with a motorcycle with a hammer) and he reminds me of the old 60's Batman series where he was played by Cesar Romero…

  • Ana says:

    See Matty hasn't forgotten you DCUC refugees yet.

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