Imaginext DC SuperFriends
Batman, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin
3 Inch Scale
By: Fisher-Price
$1.99 (Clearance)

Well after months of talking about it, thinking about it and debating it… I’ve finally caved in and bought some Imaginext DC SuperFriends. I was out looking at a variety of crap and realized just how expensive most toys are and how little fun they are. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $15 on one single figure and when I saw these little guys on clearance at Target, I decided to bite the bullet.

“Your feathers are plucked, Batman!”

It also didn’t hurt that they had a whole selection of the single carded figures. So I was able to get 3/4’s of the core characters in one big swoop for under $11! Today I’m checking in with a review of Batman, The Penguin and Mr. Freeze because they were all perennial favorites on the old 1960’s Batman TV show and tomorrow I’ll check out Two-Face and the Joker. So how do these “kids toys” fare with someone who’s clearly not in the 3-8 age range that these toys are intended?

There are a bunch of different packs out for these figures. Most come with a vehicle, but Target this past year started doing single cards. Depending on what you think is a fair value, might help you decide which ones to get. Some of the included vehicles or playsets are really cool and some are stupid.

I chose these tiny single cards because of their price, and the fact that I really don’t need or want a lot of the extra junk. I may pick up a Batmobile or a Joker Van, but not a ton of stuff.

The cards are all basic, with little information at all on them. These things are often hidden on the sides of aisles as well. There are no twist ties or anything holding them in.

Even if the card was more colorful or interesting, there isn’t much room to do anything with it.

The back shows off a bunch of other crap, but the picture is pretty small honestly and hard to see everything… Much less make it out. “Collect em’ all” it’s not. Individual bio cards probably would have been too much to ask, but I have to wonder what media kids are even being introduced to these characters from.

These guys attempt to shrink down the larger “DC SuperFriends” aesthetic, but honestly end up changing it a bit. These guys are a little bit SD (super deformed) but not quite as bad as the Batman Action League figures. Whether you enjoy them more or less because of that, is up to you. Needless to say they do have a certain amount of “cuteness” to them.

So let’s get this right out of the way, these aren’t fancy Four Horsemen sculpts or anything. Honestly, and maybe this is just me, but it’s a breath of fresh air. I like seeing these somewhat less detailed sculpts. It harkens back to a simpler time and a much more interesting time, IMO, such as the old Super Powers line.

That’s not to say the sculpts are bad. Penguin and Mr. Freeze are two of the best sculpts done of the characters, in recent memory. Everyone’s always trying to reinvent these two characters and here Fisher-Price, the toddler wing of the Mattel brand, seemingly have a better grasp on what the characters are supposed to be, than their older brother.

Batman is the weakest of the three, with his grinning sculpt seemingly more fit for the Riddler than Bruce Wayne. The body sculpt on Batman isn’t terrible, but the arm gauntlets do feel a bit clunky. He gets some points for having a fabric cape though. I still prefer the Action League Batman and I may end up seeing if I can do a head swap.

The backs have holes for their accessories, although Penguin’s accessory isn’t actually included. At least not his backpack.

Their scale sadly is about an inch off or so to the Action League stuff, but imaginative kids and less anal collectors will probably have no problem mixing and matching the two. I even fit Batman into the Brave & The Bold Action League Batmobile well enough, although not perfectly.

None of the sculpting is super detailed and the paint isn’t as sharp as the Action League figures. That said, I was surprised to see that a lot of Mattel’s other offerings, including figures that run $15 or more currently had just as many blemishes. If nothing else the smudges and runs are less noticeable, if not more forgivable here than they are on their more expensive counterparts.

There isn’t a ton of articulation here, but this is definitely one area where they are superior to the Action League guys.

There are fairly decent pin/post ball joints at the shoulders, as well as cut legs. The legs are locked together though, so they move as one. That’s really not as annoying as you might think it would be.

There may be some cut neck action going on here as well, but the sculpts on each of these three pretty much impede them from moving. You can tell it was the intention though.

For the price ($3.99 originally) you can’t hardly knock these guys, because they actually do come with a couple of accessories.

The Penguin is probably best equipped as he comes with two penguins! I count these as henchmen! One even has a cut neck and a wheel on his stomach, so you can roll him at the Batman.

Batman comes with a weird hook thing, that looks like a leftover piece from a grapple gun. It’s pretty useless. He also comes with two gigantic red batarangs. Not really fun, but might work with your Megos.

Mr. Freeze comes with his gun and backpack. If you have an old JLU Penguin floating around. His umbrella is a perfect fit for this Imaginext Penguin. Plus he can do something his JLU friend can’t… HOLD IT!

At the original $3.99 price, these were a good value. Especially if you didn’t want the vehicles. If you pick these up at the $1.99 price they’re a GREAT value. Also Imaginext runs a variety of multipacks and sales where you can pick these guys up for cheap. Lots of good values to be had.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 3
Sculpting – 6
Articulation – 4
Accessories – Various
Value – 9
Overall – 7 out of 10

For the longest time I had some aversion about collecting these guys. They’re literally aimed at kids. But for the value and the pocket-sized coolness of them all, I think they’re a decent pickup for adult collectors too. I suspect a lot of people are buying these “for their kids” but are enjoying them just as much as their young’uns. If grown men are out collecting those new Legos and stuff, why not these? They are good fun and open up the playing field to a wild variety of characters. So lose your tepidness and dive into some Imaginext.

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6 Responses to Imaginext DC Superfriends: Batman, Mr. Freeze and The Penguin Review

  • Nick says:

    Crazy timing, I just picked up this entire set on clearance at Target this weekend as well. Great little figs for 2 bucks a pop!

  • Awesome! Sounds like I'm not alone in finallyu caving in. You're definitely right.

  • ministan says:

    The Batman I picked up had really crappy paint ops on his mask. But a little brushwork and some Testors Model Masters black semigloss had him looking right in no time!

  • Nick says:

    Yeah my batman's teeth white bleed over onto the mask as well.

  • Nick says:

    Yeah I was impressed with them, bought a halo exclusive figure at the same time at Target for 11 bucks. These little guys can stand, Halo figure has two bum warped feet so cant even stand, felt like I got ripped off by Mcfarlane, but feel almost guilty getting the batman figures for a awesome price.

  • Yeah there is some bleed and splotches here or there… But honestly I find that to be true with DCUC as well. I saw numerous examples of this when I was looking at Mattel's Elite WWE figures and passed. At $2-4 I don't mind about bleed and stuff as much, but at $15-17, I'm more particular.

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