Imaginext DC Superfriends
Aquaman & Roboshark
2 Inch scale
By: Fisher-Price

I love Aquaman. I’m not sure why exactly, but Aquaman has always been a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s a lack of tub toys or something, but Aquaman just always had a certain appeal to me. Mego knew that Aquaman had some tub appeal as well, when they created their popular Aquaman versus The Great White Shark set back in the 70’s. This set from Imaginext has clearly been inspired by that old Mego set as well.


The shark in the old Mego set wasn’t supposed to be a robot, but it certainly looked like one. Given that Aquaman is supposed to have domain over most of the world of sea creatures, it makes sense that a robot shark would be a perfect foil for him. It’s a cheesy fun concept that plays well to Imaginext’s strengths. This set also benefits from having some nice sculpting and some great nostalgic throwbacks in all aspects of the design.

The packages are part of the newer Imaginext layout, but still retains the basic feel of the classic designs in this series. I do like that the figure itself is under a plastic bubble, so that kids can’t put their hands all over my Aquaman. A lot of figures in this style have the toys able to be groped in the store.


Although the Roboshark can be messed with. You might check and make sure nobody has screwed him up before purchasing.

The designs for Imaginext figures are very simple and usually achieved with nothing more than some paint applications on the base body. Imaginext will from time to time, sculpt something new for the head, arms or boots, but it’s typically minimal.

But Aquaman bucks that trend by having a brand new torso, with unique sculpting for his scales. That’s something that even some of the bigger Aquaman figures lack. I’m looking at you JLU Aquaman!

He also has sculpted gauntlets, boots and an absolutely groovy A logo belt.

The boots will be a point of contention for a lot of folks as they’re colored yellow. Aquaman has a few times through the years been depicted as such, but it’s usually in a goof up or some of the vintage licensing art/toys. Frankly, I love it. It really makes this design pop.

Of course, this figure could easily be re-released with entirely green legs and satisfy the purists.

The head sculpt is a little bland, but it captures Aquaman well enough. However it is rather unique in that it follows the method of having a flat face with painted on features. Almost all Imaginext figures look like this, EXCEPT the other DC SuperFriends. Take a look at Flash and Hawkman to see the difference. I don’t mind it, it makes him stand out a bit.

Our buddy the shark has a great sculpt as well. He looks very menacing and has enough robotics in his design to make it seem like he’s a legit threat. It also helps to hide the cuts in the sculpt and the mechanism to make his mouth move.

Paint is a little sloppy in general, but nothing too bad. The shark’s eyes look great to the naked eye, but up close like this you can see they’re actually a bit haphazard in the paint application.

Imaginext has upped the articulation in most of their newer figures. It’s not much, but they’ve added in a wrist cut. It’s very important in posing. I just wish they would separate the legs so that they don’t move as a unit.


As-is, swimming poses are next to impossible.


The shark doesn’t really have much articulation, other than his “chomping” action mouth. His tail can sort of move to the side a bit as well. Really, what more could you ask for?

Most of the early Imaginext sets came with strange vehicles and weapons, but this set is part of Imaginext’s new more focused approach. You could consider the shark an accessory. Otherwise, you also get a fairly ornate trident for the king of the sea.


It fits into his hand nicely and he looks great posing with it. It does seem to be prone to warping, but so do my $30 MOTUC figure weapons, so c’est la vie.


You can find these for around $6-$7 at most retailers. Aquaman can be a bit of a pain to find, but I’ve seen him around a few times now. You might even get him for a bit less on sale, which Imaginext is prone to have. I’m sure he’ll show up in some multi-packs eventually, but I really like this set with the shark. For the price, it’s a hard deal to beat these days.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 3
Sculpt/Paint – 9
Articulation – 5
Accessories – 9
Value – 9
Overall: 8


Very tempting for me to give this set a 9 out of 10. I’ll give it an 8, mostly because it still drives me nuts that Fisher-Price hasn’t made the legs individually poseable. We’ve come so far! Just make the change already!


Imaginext continues to be a really fun line and Aquaman versus the Roboshark is probably the best set they’ve made in the DC SuperFriends line to date. I might just be saying that because I love Aquaman, but honestly, I think even if you’re not a fan of the undersea dude, you’ll find this set fantastic. It may be small in size, but it’s big on charm.

4 Responses to Imaginext Aquaman Figure Review

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  • Big IV says:

    I don’t need the legs to move. As it is, connected, my 1 year old daughter can get these guys to sit and stand. Independent legs become harder for the posing by little hands.

    I say guys in the general sense, but also to expose my only flaw with the ImagiNext line. It needs more female characters. The DC SuperFriends/Gotham City lines of DC characters are doing better than the rest of the male only ImagiNext universe. Sure, I want Batgirl and Poison Ivy but I’d rather have a few female Robot Police villains or to bring back the Princess figures from the Swan Palace playset to include with the knights and Eagle Fortress lineup.

  • PresidentJuggernaut says:

    I have not seen this set in stores yet, now I’ll have to keep a lookout because that shark is badass. I’ve been debating about picking up a few favorite Marvel and DC characters in this style. I’ve always loved collecting multiple scales and styles of the same characters.

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