Well, after years of not really even understanding what Instagram was… I’ve finally added one. Yes, I already have a Twitter (@NewtonGimmick) and a Facebook page (Infinite Hollywood on Facebook), but now I have an Instagram too. The Instagram will likely be of the most interest to people who enjoy this website, because it combines most of the things I enjoy about Twitter (quick interaction) with a lot more focus on toys. It’s very easy for me to snap a quick photo and post up some thoughts on the toys, than it is to write out an entire blog post.

That’s of course, not to say I won’t be updating this site. Actually, real honest-to-goodness updates are coming. But if you’re into Instagram, give me a follow. My name on there is InfiniteHollywoodMedia (because some jerk already has the name Infinite Hollywood!) And if you’re not, at least visit the link from time to time and see some of my attempts at taking artistic (and often crappy) toy photos.


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