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As a lifetime Hulkamaniac, I’ve acquired quite a few Hulk Hogan t-shirts over the years. I even have some of those ready to rip WCW Hulkster shirts. Oddly enough I didn’t have a plain yellow with red font Hulkamania shirt, so when offered to send me one to review their quality and service, I couldn’t say no. The following is a review of the shirt, their service and general Hulkamania musings.

Whatcha gonna do, when a Hulkamania t-shirt runs wild on you?

The Deal:
Check it brother! This shirt along with hundreds of others are for sale at for affordable prices. They don’t just have wrestling shirts, but rather they have all kinds of shirts from novelty to bands and even an option to design your own. Chances are if you have a favorite property, they have a shirt for it. They have a few Doctor Who shirts that are nice, some Ninja Turtle shirts, Back to the Future and pretty much anything that’s good in shirt form.

Selection is important for me when I buy a shirt because I often like to buy a few shirts at once to save on shipping. The nice part about this site, as opposed to some others, is that I can find several shirts I like as well as shirts that might be good for gifts. It’s not often that I can find a place where I can get a shirt for me as well as my Dad.

One of the things I was most impressed with was the shipping time on this shirt. I’ve ordered from other places and typically it takes a couple of weeks for shirts to arrive. This Hulkster shirt arrived in record time. I’m talking the amount of time it took Hogan to beat Kevin Nash in fingerpoke of doom, time.

The shirt came packed in a nice bubble mailer and inside the shirt was protected with another inner plastic liner. I appreciate this as it not only helps keep the shirt pressed but also protects it from mail damage. My mailman (clearly a member of the Heenan family) likes to leave many of my packages underneath my gutter spout so that rain pours onto them. The Hulkamania shirt was safe and secure though, thanks no doubt in part to the bonus lining.

Let’s face it, this design is simple, sleek and classic. I own a red with yellow font Hulkamania shirt that I bought about a decade ago. I wore that shirt to Disney World and was amazed at how many people commented on it. Everybody knows Hulkamania and unlike a lot of the wrestling shirts that are out there now, you can wear this one and not feel embarassed.

The shirt is 100% cotton and has a good feel to it. It’s a legit shirt too, which is very important to me. There are a lot of seedier websites out there selling bootleg t-shirts. Thankfully is not one of those and profits from this shirt are making their way back to Hulk Hogan’s pockets. Which is a good thing in my book, after Linda stole most of his money.

Final Thoughts:
There’s not too much to say here beyond the truth. The service was speedy and the quality of the product was excellent. At $16.99 this shirt is very affordable and much cheaper than you would pay for a shirt like this at a live wrestling event. Those shirts are usually $20-$25 and good luck finding a Hulkamania shirt as they usually sell pretty quickly.

Lest we forget that the Hulkster himself approves, brother!

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5 Responses to Hulkamania T-Shirt Review

  • - Beth, the GF says:

    I still have the picture from Disney World (it's one of my favorites because I made you stand in line for a picture with Mickey Mouse). Anyways, point is, I was comparing the two – exactly the same, but opposite.

    By the way, good pictures of the t-shirt!

  • Newt says:

    I know right!

  • wesitron says:

    How bad is the urge to rip it down the center?

  • Newt says:

    The urge is great… Then again, the urge is great on pretty much all my shirts. I've always wanted to get pissed off at someone and rip off my shirt Hulk style and go nuts.

  • kids dresses says:

    Hulk Hogan is the man! I watched him in WWE when I was a kid. He's a great wrestler and entertainer. Screaming "Hulkamania" while ripping off the shirt.!

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