On September 4, 1995 WCW aired it’s first edition of Monday Nitro. It was the first shot fired in the “Monday Night Wars” and changed the landscape of professional wrestling forever. Not only was Hulk Hogan instrumental in that, but his appearances along with live surprises and incredible wrestling like that of Jushin Liger helped to change the industry forever.

It’s been fifteen years since the launch of WCW Monday Nitro and then eventual rise to the top in the Monday Night Wars. WWE has become as stale and as stagnant of a program as it had prior to Eric Bischoff’s WCW Nitro debut. Now Total Non-Stop Action, TNA Wrestling have stood up to the challenge and with the help of Hulk Hogan will do battle tonight with WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

TNA has secured three hours of wrestling, which much like it’s predecessor fifteen years ago will rely on two things to help it counter WWE’s programming. For starters it has the famous older stars, Like Hogan who tonight makes his TNA debut. Secondly much like the infamous Liger match, TNA will offer wrestling that’s completely different than the WWE low risk plodding style that’s become so infamous. Third, TNA will be bringing it’s newest weapon to the fight, the TNA Knockouts.

There are also a few surprises planned from the TNA team, new wrestlers debuting, old wrestlers returning, there are at least a few surprises planned. For what it’s worth, the WWE will be attempting to counter, despite rumors that they were unafraid, with some old legends of their own returning. However I generally feel the buzz has been minimal for WWE despite their best attempts to garner interest. WWE has had ten years since the folding of WCW to do something and haven’t.

Now is TNA’s time. The Hulk Hogan ripple effect is already in full bloom, with WWE manning their guns and excitement and interest on TNA at it’s highest level. Hogan coming into TNA tonight will also mark a lot of backstage interest, as TNA for the past three months has been putting on the best wrestling and storylines in the country, bar none. How will Hulk Hogan and his cohorts shake that up?

Tune into Spike TV Tonight to watch the three hour debut of TNA Wrestling on Monday Nights, with Hulk Hogan and so much more. Read the rest……

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