It’s time to take a look at some of the Box Office for the past few weeks to see where things are, who’s making money and who’s hoping for a good DVD release.

Astro Boy opened last weekend at #6 and slid to #7 this week making only $11 Million of it’s $65 Million budget back. I’ve heard mixed reviews on Astro Boy. Hardcore Astro Boy fans seem to think it’s not quite dark enough to be true to the material and the casual reviewer seems to think it’s too dark for a children’s movie. I think the real problem with Astro Boy is that it hasn’t tapped into the “collector” market. Nerds like me and the people who read this site have only a very mild knowledge of Astro Boy so we aren’t supporting it. I might would see it on DVD though… And I’m steadily picking up the toys.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant opened last week at #7 and has already dropped to #9. Apparently this is based off of a bunch of books like Harry Potter but I’ve never heard of it. The previews looked horrible, the reviews say it’s even worse and they cast that one guy who’s Will Ferrell’s tag along as the star which pretty much guaranteed it was going to suck. So far it’s made 10 of it’s $40 million back but I would expect it to finish under half of what it cost to make it. So don’t expect any sequels anytime soon.

Saw VI slipped from #2 to #6 pretty much guaranteeing that this franchise is dead and buried. Thank goodness. I really liked the original Saw, but it didn’t need one sequel, must less two dozen. The original sequel was alright but that was more than enough. As it turns out Saw sequels just kept making more and more money, but not anymore. This Saw essentially bombed by Saw standards… Of course it also made twice it’s budget already so maybe we will see more of these movies.

Where the Wild Things Are dropped to #5 from #3 last week but it’s close to making it’s $100 Million budget back with $65 Million already banked. At first I wanted to see this, but now I’m hearing it’s dreadfully boring. It’s been a long time since I read the book but now I’m hearing the book is only 10 pages, so maybe that’s why I forgot it?

Halloween II had a little boost from the Halloween holiday and raised itself back from #60 to #16 which is a pretty great jump. It’s about doubled it’s budget and with Rob Zombie supposedly supping up the DVD release, I’d expect a third Halloween movie to happen. Although it will be without Zombie, which I think many fans are thankful of.

Boondock Saints II opened up in a paltry 68 theatres but that was enough to beat Halloween II despite the latter playing in over 1,000 theatres. That’s pretty good but Boondock Saints II only made it to #14 and didn’t even make $1 Million dollars yet. Of course I suspect it’ll make more if it gets to a wider release. The film only cost $8 Million to make, so I’m sure it’ll do decent business. The original Boondock Saints made like $20 at the theatres and it wasn’t until it hit DVD that it started to rake in millions. There’s been next to no publicity for this movie though and if I didn’t bring it up I bet half of you wouldn’t even know Boondock Saints had a sequel.

The lowest ranked movie this weekend was a film called Under Our Skin, it made a total of $80! That’s pretty sad, but it was only in one theatre in the whole country, so I guess it’s understandable.

Toy Story/Toy Story 2 banked another $260,000 leading to an impressive $30 Million for two films that have been out on DVD for more than a decade. That has to bode well for Toy Story 3 which will come out next summer I believe.

Two ghost stories were the #1 and #2 at the box office, with Michael Jackson’s This Is It milking his dead status to $23 Million dollars at the weekend take and Paramount’s Paranormal Activity lurking it’s way to $16 Million as well. I’d expect Paranormal Activity to sink into obscurity pretty soon as the movie only got popular off of people thinking they were being counter culture by buying into Paramount’s preplanned publicity campaign where you’d fight for this movie to get publicity. Paramount deserves a lot of credit for conning a good portion of the country into thinking they were part of a movement. The movie made a ton of cash since it was recorded on what essentially was a VHS tape so expect every other studio to follow suit soon with a bunch of equally as terrible movies with no budget.

I should note that Christian Bale tanked the Terminator franchise so much that it’s now actually up for sale. You suck Bale.

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  • Sam says:

    I enjoyed paranormal activity! I however don’t want to see it franchised, that’s the same thing that ruined Saw.

    As for Salvation I’m not sure you can say Bale ruined it. It had lots of problems, and Bale wasn’t at it’s best, but I blame the weak ending, the strength of the unneccesary marcus character and just a lack of Darkness that i was expecting from the movie.

  • I know, I just like to blame Bale for it’s demise. I’m most certain it’s not entirely his fault, but he had a large hand in it’s failure as well.

  • AnonymousNightmare says:

    *whiny voice*

    Why can’t they make GOOD movies anymore? 🙁

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