Last year I posted up about our contributions to the local Angel Tree and this year we did it again. Last year we only had one boy, but we ended up with several kids this time around. I’m not just encouraging you to give, we’re doing it here ourselves. I’m less in the know about girl’s toys, but I still managed to get some pretty cool stuff for our kids.

One of our little girls asked for some crafts and coloring stuff, so we got a few of those things, including a huge Crayola box full of neat assorted markers, pencils and such. She also asked for some Spongebob stuff, so we got a few neat Spongebob things. The absolute coolest of which is a rubber Mr. Potato Head-type Spongebob where you can change his arms and face around.

Of course I love action figures and playsets, so that sort of rubbed off on these as well. It may not be GI Joe, but Strawberry Shortcake and Littlest Pet Shop seemed pretty cool to me. I actually thought it was a lot of fun to shop in the girl’s aisle, as I rarely get to go over there. They have a lot of neat things over there. The Strawberry Shortcake cars come with lots of accessories and a driver, but best of all, if you push on the steering wheel it emits sweet flavors. Spiffy! We also got all the girls a variety of these Chixos figures and playsets, which allow you to mix and match clothing and hairstyles and junk. Groovy stuff.

Naturally there were some clothes to be given as well. These kids don’t like clothes as gifts, but many of them need them. We got a few different outfits and a couple things not pictured. It’s good to ensure that these kids have warm clothes for the winter.

We did get one boy, but he was a bit older at 13 and only asked for sweatshirts. I figure every kid needs a toy at Christmas, so in addition to some sweatshirts and pants, we got him this rockin’ remote control car. This thing is huge. You’re never too old for a remote control car, in my mind. I know anytime some kid in my family gets one, all us adults “help them put it together”, which usually means play with it for about a half hour. We also got him a Nerf backsetball hoop, cause those are timeless as well.

I know that I’m really fortunate in life and am able to get pretty much anything I want. It’s sad that so many folks aren’t able to provide that for their children and I really enjoy being able to help this time of year. Speaking of which, would YOU like to help Santa deliver an excellent Christmas to some kids just like the ones I sponsored in our Angel Tree? Well you can, and if you do I’ll even reward you!

We’re having a contest right here at Infinite Hollywood where the giving counts! Thanks to all who have donated thus far, but there is still time for those who haven’t. We’re accepting entries until the 31st of this month! Many Toys for Tots locations are still collecting toys. Click the logo for complete rules and information.

If you’re not sure of a location in your area to donate, go to Toys For Tots and enter your information. Every state has hundreds of locations to donate. Take a picture of your donation and send it in for a chance to win a $75 Visa gift card or even a $40 gift card to!

Conversely, you can donate cash online. This is a SUPER easy way to share the love this holiday season. They take every sort of form of payment, including PayPal. Forward the receipt to my email address (NewtonGimmick AT above and you can also be entered in the contest. A lot of people are choosing to enter this way. You can do this every day up until the 31st of December. DO IT NOW! Every donation counts, no matter if its only a $5 or $10 amount. The idea is to help needy kids. Every little bit goes towards that.

We’re helping make a difference this holiday season in some little boy or girl’s life. There’s no excuse for you not to do this!

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