Although Hasbro is without a doubt the King of 3 3/4 scale, there is one company that could actually beat them if they had the resources and the determination. No, not Mattel, their 3 3/4 efforts are a joke. It’s Mezco. In the last couple of years Mezco, never a leader always a follower in trends has followed to 3.75 inch scale with surprisingly good results.

Hellboy II
4 Inch Scale
By: Mezco

The 3 3/4 Hellboy figures are some of the best figures ever made in this scale. That’s probably a bold statement to some, but if you own any of these figures, you know it’s packed full of truth. Mezco has done incredible work across all their Hellboy lines for years, but this new scale surprised a lot of people and it turned out quite excellent. How does this compare to other figures in the scale though? Well I think you’ll find it’s quite good.

The packages for these smaller guys are pretty good, but a bit basic. The card is actually much smaller than a standard GI Joe card so there is no wasted space. The graphic says HBII and doesn’t really say Hellboy anywhere noticeable on the package. Why? Well Mezco was smart and knew certain religious groups and nosey parent types would object to such a thing. These toys were going to be in Toys R Us, after all.

I don’t mind that the figures are referred to under the HB banner, because if someone is stupid enough to buy these and not know who they are, it’s their own fault. That said, the card isn’t particularly attractive. Mezco should probably work on spicing up cards to appeal to kids in the future. It’s good for collectors though, even if a bit basic.

The back shows the rest of the figures and falsely advertises Hellboy with the Big Baby. Did the Big Baby EVER come out in this scale? I don’t believe it did. Regardless, despite the diminutive card size and relatively plain card, it’s decent enough. It’s about the same size as Mezco’s Cinema of Fear 3 3/4 Figures though if you’re strictly a MOC guy and want to keep them together.

There’s also a little blurb on the back about box set which includes all four figures. That’s actually the better value, I believe.

The sculpt here is in a word, awesome. Mezco basically shrunk down their large 8 inch scale Wink and made him fun size. That said there are some obvious sculptural differences. The back, which featured large hair (quills?) on the 8 inch version is sculpted smoother and part of the back on this version.

I’m not sure which head this is, Mezco made two head sculpts in the larger versions and I can’t be bothered to dig my big Winks out to see. Whatever the case, the head looks GREAT and definitely captures that look and feel of Mr. Wink. He’s got a bit of a Popeye thing going on too. This is one dude you don’t want to mess with (Unless you’re packing a fist of doom) naturally.

Wink has his big mechanical metal hand and the shading and coloration really makes it look like it’s made out of metal. The detailing in the sculpt is just incredible. The big rivet knuckles, the knife like blade that hangs down. The whole package is here and is mind boggingly detailed at this scale or ANY scale.

Standing straight up Wink comes in at about 4 and 1/2 inches. That’s big enough to make him look imposing to Hellboy, GI Joes and other figures in this scale. However if he was actually to scale for what Wink should be, he should probably be a tad taller. Still, this is a large (small) figure. The paint work has all the touches of the larger figure counterpart and ultimately I think this is a perfectly painted toy. The only area that’s a tad weak is the quills and even they are painted well. There’s more paint detail in Wink’s one good eye than in the last 25 GI Joes I’ve reviewed.

Wink’s hand is removable and pops out pretty easily. That works with his weapon hand, or you could leave it empty and pretend he’s Mega Man Wink.

If you have the big Wink, you could pretend this is his little brother. Or baby. Or neither. He looks tough enough that he might try to take on the big Hellboy even at this scale. Though I doubt it would go very well.

A lot of companies don’t know how to do articulation at a smaller scale. Sometimes if they’re trying to replicate larger scale articulation on a smaller figure, it doesn’t work. Whatever Mezco is doing, they’re doing it right. The articulation here is superb.

Again I haven’t counted cuts and joints in comparison to the larger figure, but if he’s missing much it’s not a lot. You can get this guy into a ton of poses and he’s really made for some excellent play because of all the articulation. Thankfully, the sculpt isn’t impeded by the joints either.

Wink’s removable hand actually has a barbell ball joint on it. That just shows you how poseable you can make this guy. You can get a lot of expression out of that hand.

Wink doesn’t come with a ton of accessories, but what he does come with is absolutely essential and following the formula, done to perfection. First up he get’s a rather basic stand.

He doesn’t need the stand, but if you’re one of those types who likes stands this one is pretty cool. I also like that it’s got this elaborate design painted on it. That makes it look a look cooler than the plain Jane blood stained stand that the COF figures came with. Although it’s basically the same stand.

Wink’s other accessory? Oh yes, it’s his ball and chain hand. Technically they’re the same hand and he just has the ability to throw it like a ball and chain, but you get the idea. The chain is massive and made of real metal. Yet somehow unlike Mattel, Mezco resisted the temptation to plaster “WITH REAL DIE CAST PARTS” all over the package. Imagine that.

And surprisingly the chain is long. Mezco didn’t cheap out either, both parts of the chain where it connects to the wrist and where it connects to the fist have small ball joints in them. That gives them a little extra movement, though not a ton. Still it’s above and beyond what was required of them.

Interestingly, it appears that Guillermo del Toro got the idea of Mr. Wink’s hand not so much from Hellboy, but from Tad Stones’ animated Hellboy. In Blood & Iron, Hellboy faces a Minotaur with a robotic hand that has the exact same powers as Wink’s.

UPDATE: Tad Stones’ informs me that no, the idea is actually from Mike Mignola’s creative mind. It’s just such a nifty concept that it got worked into a couple of Hellboy villains. Groovy.

For about $8 you can have this incredible little figure. That’s not cheap, but it’s actually pretty affordable for Hellboy figures. The quality here makes this more than worth it, because this is a very well done toy. Marvel Universe can run about the same price and isn’t nearly as good. I only wish Mezco had done more with the 3 3/4 Hellboy line. You may still be able to find these at Toys R Us, but they’re getting more scarce. This is also available in the box set, which runs about $25 for all four figures.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Stand, Ball & Chain Fist
Value – 9
Overall – 9 out of 10

This is a really great figure. I’m tempted to give it a 10 out of 10 just because I can’t find any flaws whatsoever. If you missed this guy the first time around, I definitely suggest tracking him down. Especially if you collect 3 3/4 scale stuff. Who doesn’t need a cave troll to add to their collection?

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  • LBAM says:

    The Big Baby shotgun DID come out, but only with the SDCC exclusive 3 3/4" Hellboy, so it did not ever reach retail.

  • lbam says:

    Just to add, I completely agree; the Mezco Hellboy II figs are some of the best 3 3/4" toys ever made. I wish there'd been more.

  • Hey, that's good to know. I thought maybe it did, but I never tracked that one down and I knew the later ones didn't have it. Thanks for that.

  • Tad Stones says:

    Great review. Mezco really did a nice job with all their Hellboy stuff. One correction, the ball and chain arm came from the Man with a Million Ideas: Mike Mignola. It was in an early sketch of his and a Nazi in an Hellboy story had one too. No need to make things up when Mike's around.

  • Whoa cool. Both on the details of the origin of the ball and chain thing and because Tad Stones just stopped by. Thanks for that!

  • DrNightmare says:

    Hah, it's like arguing if Superman can make diamonds by crushing coal and then having Supes stop by and give you a demonstration!

    And completely agree with everything, awesome toys. Not sure why these don't get more praise, they should be mentioned in at least 3 out of 5 of all conversations held ;D

  • wesitron says:

    I just found this dude about a month ago at TRU for like 5 bucks on clearance. Awesome figure, shattered my expectations!

  • kngfu says:

    I got the Hellboy figure to stand with my pvc Hellboy(the movie) villans set. Found that set for $5 att mt local comic shop and they needed a Big Red.

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