For whatever reason I haven’t opened most of my last few MOTUC figures. I suspect I will eventually but not right now. Anyway the point being that today I recieved He-Ro. I won’t be reviewing him anytime soon (Unless there is a great demand for it) but I was happy to see him today.

I also like the new outer shell box that these come in. It definitely helps protect the figure. Mattel has said the rest of these will come like this as well I believe. I’m thankful for that as it’ll make storing them a bit easier until I find a place I want to keep them.

No, he’s not crosseyed despite every picture looking like he is.

On another note, I’m glad I didn’t buy the SDCC exclusive 3 3/4 Buzz Lightyear. Not because I think he’s lame, but because you can buy the exact same figure (along with other 3 3/4 Toy Story figures) at Toys R Us. I saw them over the weekend for only $10. I dodged that bullet.

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