There’s a wealth of hilarious stuff on Youtube and it’s many children, but this video cracks me up. The old He-Man cartoons are great resources if you’re looking for something to redub. The cartoon itself featured plenty of hokey scenes and downright homosexual situations from time to time. I guess a show about barbarians in loincloths will do that.

This one goes above and beyond though, with whomever made this actually doing a darn good job impersonating the classic voices. Since my last post was praising MOTU, I figured I should poke some fun at it too.


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  • Monte says:

    Am I understanding correctly that you’re in or around Boise? ‘Cause I’m in Twin Falls, and I’ll be all butthurt if you have easy access to a Toys R Us and I don’t.

  • Nope I’m not near Boise at all. Where’d you get that idea?

    Thanks for reading and responding though!

  • Monte says:

    D’oh! Presumably the blogging software interacts with one’s hard drive or something; on my computer your site has various mentions of Boise, and I assumed it was because that’s where you were, when in fact it’s just because that’s near where I am.

    Pity. It woulda been cool to have a fellow geek and blogger nearby.

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