Well here it is, our final 31 Days of Halloween post. I didn’t manage to get to everything I wanted this year, but such is the nature of the beast. Sadly three toy reviews and a movie review of Ernest Scared Stupid will have to wait until next year. C’est la vie. So what are you looking at? Well it’s a Halloween Haunted Gingerbread Cookie House.

Of course your house doesn’t start like that. Oh no. Once again, I had the help of the girlfriend, although no cooking or baking was really required here. Your kit comes in a house shaped box and presumably everything you need is inside.

Here’s what comes inside the package itself. There is actually a fair amount of stuff here. Two types of fondant, a special black icing that acts like glue. I’ve always wanted to eat some fondant. I see them work with it on the Food Network cake shows a lot, so I finally got to taste some. Black fondant tastes like nothing and purple fondant actually tastes kind of candy like.

Of course we weren’t sure if the package would really have enough inside to properly decorate, so here’s all the extra stuff we bought to use. As it turns out, we barely used the dots and didn’t put a single ghost Peep into play. I have no idea what to do with this whole package of Peeps.

Before we started, we added some additional frostings to our lineup. To do this we simply mixed the colors with food coloring and then applied them to a basic frosting. This is a lot cheaper than buying colored frostings and also allows you to make as many different colors as the spectrum allows.

I like to use Christmas bowls when preparing my frosting bags, because I keep the season all year round! We also used some leftover orange frosting from our Halloween Funfetti Cupcakes.

The back of the package has some very basic instructions, but it doesn’t really tell you what to do with 90% of the included stuff. Not that we planned to stick to the model anyway. Though more of a guide might have been helpful.

It does tell you how to assemble the house pieces, which is helpful. Sadly, right off the bat there were a few broken pieces on our house. We had to do roof repair right out of the box. I also had some issues with the tree, but more on that in a moment.

Once you get the basic house together, it looks like this. The tree, as you can see had excess areas on it. I didn’t realize this at first. The tree also doesn’t fit in the hole very well. I ended up eating a fair amount of the tree trying to get it to be the right shape, before eventually abandoning it. The cookie element, though, doesn’t taste bad. In case you were wondering.

We had planned to use the Reese’s Pieces as shingles on the roof and that worked nicely. It was one of the first things we did.

To replace the tree, I made a scarecrow out of candy corn, fondant, black licorice and love. My GF made some cool purple fondant doors and the idea for the spiffy sucker windows was also hers. The effect is really cool as the monsters in the suckers are peering out the windows at us. Getting the suckers to stay on was the hardest part.

I also made a little black cat out of fondant and a dot. My GF erroneously thought it was a mouse! How dare she insult my awesome creation! Mice have round ears and my CAT clearly has pointed ears. I also made a little Jack-o-Lantern. It took me several tries to get it just right.

The whole thing probably took two hours, including the time for the stuff to dry. We bought way too much candy to use for it and didn’t even use half the stuff in the box. Still it came out pretty good and we had fun building it. One of the walls tried to fall down, but we fixed it. Now she’s as sturdy as brick. I guess when the clock strikes twelve I’m going to eat this whole house. Now that’s a SCARY thought!

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