Did you know that San Diego Comic Con is just right around the corner? I know right now it seems like there is so much news that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Hasbro was kind enough to send along some new HQ pictures (click on any to see large size) of their SDCC Exclusives to me, so let’s check em’ out!

This is the basic Sarge in package. He looks pretty great, especially the cool GI Joe belt. As you may recall from reading some of my past posts, I’m a huge Slaughter fan. He was one of my favorite wrestlers and he’s still my favorite GI Joe. This is a nice cross between the two. It’s also pretty cool that both this and the variant have exclusive artwork on the front.

The body still isn’t perfect in my mind, I’d like him a bit more buff… But it’s still a real treat to finally get this guy in 25th Anniversary GI Joe style. It’s what I’ve wanted since the line began.

This is being listed as the “variant” figure and I sure hope he isn’t as hard to get my hands on. I want this Sgt. Slaughter like nobody’s business. While the other figure is great, this one is perfection. I just hope I’ll be able to have the cash and means to get him when he’s released.

I really hope this doesn’t become a situation where he’s hard to get. Honestly, given Slaughter’s popularity, I would be surprised if Hasbro doesn’t make him readily available… But I guess we’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

They’re releasing the huge 19 inch Galactus on a blister card for SDCC. That’s both hilarious and awesome. I’m of the opinion that this Galactus blows away the previous ToyBiz effort. The fact that he comes on a blister card like all the other Marvel Universe guys for SDCC is classic. I’ll probably pick this up too, since I’ve been a pretty big Marvel Universe collector.

Captain America continues to get Hasbro SDCC love, with this newest Cap release. This figure is really incredible, with loads of detail and some good accessories. I think it might even look better than the larger Marvel Legends release. MU is making some serious push at the con this year.

Speaking of MU, how about this Thor? He’s got a cool “who farted?” face going on.

What’s the deal with this movie Spiderman? He looks pretty swank. I like the packaging. Are they going to be doing a generic movie Spiderman line to go along with this one? I’m not sure.

There’s also this freaky Lars Owen and Darth Maul pack. I don’t follow Star Wars closely enough to know what the heck this is about, but that Lars is awesome. That Darth Maul freaks me out too. He’s the kind of figure that you know if you had as a kid, he’d rule all your evil armirs. Definitely got a Darkness from Legend vibe about him.

Hasbro also has some My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Super Hero Squad and Mighty Mugg offerings. I’m not covering those because we here at Infinite Hollywood are too manly for that. I’m kidding of course, I’m not covering the Transformers stuff either. Needless to say, no matter what Hasbro line you collect, it looks like they’ve got some cool SDCC exclusives for you.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    These look great up close. Man, there's so much SDCC stuff I have to keep track of this year! Between HTS, Matty, and my hook-ups, I need both Sarges from G.I. Joe, Blaster from Transformers, MOTUC Orko, DCIH Starro, DCUC Plastic Man, plus Fifth Doctor/Master and Regenerated Fifth Doctor from Dr. Who. My wallet can't possibly take any further stain…BUT IT'S ALL SO GOOD! LOL.

  • You said it. My wallet is taking a major hit as well. So much so that I'm sort of trying to pick and choose what I can afford and what I can probably get some time in August when I have a bit more funds. It's a crazy game of what can I buy, what can wait. So much good stuff. Especially with all the extra Doctor Who stuff hitting around the same time.

  • PresidentJuggernaut says:

    I think the deal with that Spider-Man is that he's 3 3/4" to fit in with Marvel Universe. The actual movie lines were bigger scale, and I don't think this will be part of a larger line. I think they just wanted to get a movie Spidey out in their favorite scale, and if this is the case I'll be picking one up for sure.

    Owen Lars and Darth Maul are from a specific short comic and they look really well done. I want. These all should be much easier to get than Mattel's offerings…

  • I figured the movie Spidey was a 3 3/4 offering. He looked that way, but looks pretty great too. I just didn't have any official info on that as I haven't kept a lot of tabs on it. Looks good though.

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