McDonald’s Happy Meal
Batman, Penguin & Batmobile

So a couple weeks ago I stopped into McDonalds. I don’t eat there too much, but a few times a year I get a craving. I ordered my Big Mac, but being a glutton, I also wanted a few chicken McNuggets. The Happy Meal was the perfect size, so I ordered them and as a result… Got a toy!

When I was a kid, the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy was sacred. Sometimes it was awesome, sometimes it was lame, but whatever the case I had a ton of them. One of the best parts of childhood was getting a toy with a burger. These days, many of the old staples are gone. There are no toys in cereal anymore. No mail away toy ads in comic books… But the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are still around and I’ll be damned, pretty cool too!

This isn’t a normal review, but I must admit the packaging really struck me. The last time I got a Happy Meal, it came in a sack. They converted to the sacks in most McDonalds years ago. I was pretty surprised to see that the Happy Meal box was back!

The most puzzling part about the box is that one side is plain red with the yellow smile on it. I have NEVER in my life seen a real Happy Meal box that looked like this. Sure, all the ones on the TV commericals with Ronald looked like this… But never, EVER did any I had as a kid look like this. Blown away I was. Typically the Happy Meal box was covered in advertisement junk and “games”.

The ones Ronald had on TV were always this plain box, but that was because the commericals were obviously filmed before the promotions. As such, Ronald never knew what toy he was hocking and they couldn’t have him holding a Transformers box, if they were shilling Dick Tracy toys. Anyway, sorry, but I was amazed by this. It’s like a TV prop replica!

The rest of the sides feature the usual assortment of activities that I know I rarely if ever even bothered with as a kid. I was in it for the toy, not the box. Sorry Happy Meal box makers.

At the drive-thru, they asked if I was a girl or a boy. I shouted “BOY” so as to make sure I got a cool guy prize. I wasn’t aware at the time that Batman was even an option. Typically the “girl or boy” promotions are Hot Wheels and something to do with Barbie. The box reflects this duality, although it seems like there is more girl stuff than Batman Brave & The Bold junk.

Inside was a nice little baggie of goodies.

While I remember getting some pretty cool McDonald’s toys as a kid, I don’t ever recall getting three in a single meal. This is a pretty darn cool promotion. You would think one would be enough, but no, bang for your buck!

In total, there are eight different sets to collect. Each comes with two figures and vehicle deal of some sort. Here’s the lineup:

#1 Batman & The Penguin & Batmobile
#2 Firestorm & Two-Face & Solomon Grundy
#3 Aquaman & Batman Robot & Black Manta
#4 Batman & The Riddler & Plastic Man
#5 The Joker & Bat-mite & Jokermobile
#6 Batman & The Flash & Sportsmaster
#7 Batman & Robin & Gorilla Grodd
#8 Gentleman Ghost & The Spectre & Haunted Coach

Batman isn’t overly impressive and he’s missing a few paint aps. Still I think you could easily finish painting him and he’d be a fun desktop trinket. I can excuse a few missed paint applications given that we get three toys in this.

The Penguin is essentially “fully” painted. Sure it could probably use a few more, but he doesn’t look incomplete, like Batman. It’s a pretty great little sculpt for the fowl villain.

Neither figure has any articulation or anything… But I don’t expect too much from a McDonald’s toy. Considering the lack of cool Brave & The Bold toys in general, this is a welcome toy, articulation or not…

Sidebar Tangent: Why the hell didn’t we get some cool Brave & The Bold toys? This has to be Mattel’s biggest mistake in recent memory. The Brave & The Bold show was perhaps the most creative and original take on the DC universe in decades. It gave Mattel a chance to reintroduce pretty much all of the characters in iconic and yet “new” looks as well as release a ton of new ones as well. It could have been the new JLU in terms of toys, but you know… The toys could have been good!

Instead of getting a decent toy line, we got two half assed ones. Sure the Action League are cool figures, but we didn’t even get core characters like the Penguin or Riddler! Meanwhile the larger ones were absolutely horrendous figures that fans would have actually BOUGHT had they not had hexagon holes all over them. Sadly, instead of releasing tons of characters for the line, we got about 12 and a ton of repaints. It’s a travesty!

Rounding out the group, we get a pretty cool Batmobile. Once again, it’s not got a lot of paint… But it looks nice. Plus it came with stickers!

The Brave and the Bold Batmobile has a great design to it as well. All of the Brave and the Bold stuff just has that excellent retro feel to it. Again, shame we didn’t get better toy versions of this stuff.

The stickers serve as wheels.

Oddly enough, the wheels are fake. Instead the real wheel is underneath. It rolls just fine. I don’t recall ever seeing a car like this. I dunno if this was done to keep costs down or to circumvent some sort of Hot Wheels trademark.

The figures are a nice size, but sadly a bit too small to fill in any gaps in the Action League.

And although the paint apps are less, I enjoy these toys a little more than the Captain America I got at McDonalds, like a year or so ago. These seem a bit more playable.

If you like Batman and you want to give these to a kid, check your local McDonalds. I suspect the promotion will run until about the end of the month or so. Check around I guess.

It even comes with some sort of paper accessory. It’s a game code or something for an online McDonalds mystery!

I tried to enter in the code, but I dunno, it was stuck on a loading screen forever. I’ll just assume this is fun if you can get it to work. The fact that there even is an online component with everything else that you get is pretty neat.

Three toys with some food that’s guarnteed to make you fat? How can you beat it?

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a ton of value here. It’s not a real toy. However if I was a kid, I believe this would be one of the better toys McDonalds has given in the last couple of years. I’d be pleased as punch to have these. Good back seat fun!

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