Happy Easter everybody! Originally I had planned a couple of neat posts leading up to Easter, but time got the better of me. Easter is generally I holiday I have little interest in. Although it was always pretty cool as a kid because the Easter Bunny usually delivered at least one cool toy (Thanks Bunny!) as I’ve grown up I haven’t had much use for the whole “eating dinner” part of it. Such is life.

My GF was nice enough to make me a pretty cool Easter basket this year filled with assorted candies, trinkets and gadgets… Plus the 3 Pack of Ernest movies I mentioned on Twitter! HUZZAH!

I also bought a Paas Mini Monster Easter Egg kit. As you can see above. How did it turn out? It’s all behind the cut!

You may recall me mentioning this edible Easter grass a while back. I bought some. I thought about doing a whole post on it, but there’s really not much to say. It smells like green apple and tastes like eating paper. Honestly, save yourself the trouble and just eat regular plastic Easter grass.

Onto the Paas Mini Monsters egg dye kit. You get various pipe cleaners, a ton of stickers, assorted egg dyes and some fuzzy hair. It’s a pretty cool little set and the monster Easter eggs are sort of inspired. I was able to make quite a few funny little eggs.

However, the Easter egg kit isn’t great. I like the idea and I suppose it’s certainly better than just a PLAIN kit… But the glue that’s included doesn’t really work great. Especially with the pipe cleaners that just do not want to stay on. I was able to create a few fun eggs though, like this Octo Joe egg complete with pipe cleaner tentacles and custom egg carton fez! I also like the one with the monocle and crazy Yosemite Sam moustache. Naturally I made a Two-Face egg, as well… Because I’m a nerd.

So all in all, the kit is a great idea if not perfectly executed. I just wish some of the stuff worked a little better. I suspect if you used hot glue, as opposed to this tacky glue it comes with, you could have much better results. Perhaps next year I’ll use hot glue. Enjoy your Easter festivities, whatever they may be.

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