Jazwares Captain Caveman Figure Review
Captain Caveman
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Jazwares

Captain Caveman is one of those properties that defies logic. There’s really no reason why I love Captain Caveman, he’s just cool. His show was nothing more than a Scooby Doo clone, but there was something remarkable about the good Captain himself that made the show tons of fun. He’s a caveman who also happens to be a superhero.

Captain Caveman Figure Review

Captain Caveman has all the super powers you could ever want. His club allows him to fly, he has super strength, the intellect of a Neanderthal and an endless supply of gadgets and junk which he keeps in his shaggy hair. Hair that covers his entire body. It’s insane, it’s awesome and now it’s in action figure form!

Hanna-Barbera Captain Caveman

You’d think after my last stint with a Hanna-Barbera Jazwares product (Space Ghost) I’d skip anymore figures from this line. Yet, ol’ Cavey just called to me. So I’m giving Jazwares another shot at redemption. Can Captain Caveman work?

The packaging is just a smaller version of the package that Space Ghost came in. The only difference is the name and cartoon art, which of course is Captain Caveman. I like the front, just as I did on Space Ghost.

But the back still leaves a lot to be desired. I like the big picture of all the HB characters, but there should be more info here about buying the other toys. On the plus side, Captain Caveman fits into his plastic shell much better than Space Ghost, so he didn’t flop around in package or out.

There really haven’t been any Captain Caveman action figures through the years and honestly, there hasn’t been a ton of merchandise in general. McFarlane did a statue and Funko did a vinyl figure, but neither of them look as good as the one from Jazwares.

Captain Caveman

Captain Caveman used to sort of stretch out in the animation when he would do one his exaggerated screams of “Captain CAAAAAVEMAAAAAAANNNN!” and it seems like the previous incarnations of this character reflected that thinner Caveman. Here he’s nice and portly.

The paint work is simple and surprisingly clean for Jazwares. It’s not perfect, but at my local TRU there were about a dozen Captain Caveman figures and they all had passable paint applications. Again, not perfect, but not crazy sloppy either. I suspect the only critique would be that perhaps something should have been done to make his body hair look more defined, but I’m not sure Jazwares could have pulled that off with paint.

The only major flaw is probably the waist articulation cut. It’s big and unsightly as it cuts across his mid-section. It doesn’t add much to his posing, so it’s just more of a problem than anything. It hurts an otherwise clean sculpt.

The addition of the hair at the top of the head, in crazy sprigs of plastic is perfect. It’s something that few other Captain Caveman products have been able to nail. It’s really well done here. There’s also some good sculpting on the club and I’m glad they went with a simple club as opposed to one that’s opened with some sort of gadget coming out.

They really nailed the expression and that’s important. I love the added details such as having a sculpted concave mouth, as opposed to just a painted on mouth.

Cavey is quite small, but it makes him a better desktop trinket that way. Plus Captain Caveman was always depicted as being pretty short, so this could work with some of the larger scale figures too.

Captain Caveman does run into some of the same problems that Space Ghost had, but they’re not as glowingly annoying.

As mentioned above, the waist articulation doesn’t really work well because it breaks up the sculpt and it looks kind of goofy when he’s turned to the side. I’d have much rather had swivels at the wrists. Speaking of the wrists, the bizarre hinges are back, but they’re less of a problem here because we don’t really expect Captain Caveman to do much articulation wise.

Captain Caveman Toy

I don’t really know what the ankle hinges accomplish since the only pose that you could possibly want for that is a tippy toe posture and he can’t actually bend them enough to do that. One of my feet joints became pretty loose early on, but it doesn’t seem to hurt his ability to stand so it’s a non-issue.

He comes with the club, that’s it, but that’s also really all he needs.

It’s very simple and nothing special, but at this price point, something is better than nothing.

Space Ghost felt like a lot of figure for $12, although he wasn’t a very good figure. Captain Caveman is a lot less figure for around $7. That’s really a pretty great value. The articulation is limited, but you would expect that in any figure of Captain Caveman due to his design. When you figure that Funko vinyl or generic PVC figures of this character cost this much, if not more, it makes Captain Caveman a great value for what you’re getting.

Score Recap:
Packaging -8
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 8
Articulation – 5
Accessories – Club
Value – 10
Overall – 8 out of 10

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels

After I gave Jazwares a lot of grief in the Space Ghost review, they definitely made some serious inroads to redeeming themselves with Captain Caveman. Don’t get me wrong, I do question some of the choices, particularly in where the articulation is, but ultimately this is easily the best Captain Caveman figure to date. Chances are he’s probably going to keep that title for a long time. Plus it’s a figure of Captain Caveman and that’s a win regardless!

While I was picking this guy up, I noticed that they had Secret Squirrel as well. It seems that him and Captain Caveman are coming out sort of as a “Wave 2” and are packed in a full case together. Squirrel looks really good as well, but I passed for now because he doesn’t appeal to me as much until I know Morocco Mole will also be made. Still you might be on the lookout for him as well.

4 Responses to Hanna-Barbera Captain Caveman Figure Review

  • Bill White says:

    I gotta say, these figures may not be the highest quality, but the sculpts are great!

    Sadly, my closest TRU STILL hasn't stocked these. I wonder if I am looking in the right section. These are hanging in the action figure area, right?

    I gotta see that Secret Squirrel. You are correct though, Newton, if they don't make a Morocco Mole there is no point in picking one up.

  • The sculpts are quite good and I am glad to get figures of these guys at all, I suppose. It looks like maybe they're getting better as they go along.

    At my TRU these are actually in two spots. 1 is down the collector aisle, where NECA stuff is and the other was down the Power Rangers aisle, where there was also some new WB PVC figures and the Adventure Time and Regular Show (also both Jazwares products) stuff is.

    Oddly enough it was all "Wave 2" in the second aisle, but all "Wave 1" in the first aisle.

  • clark says:

    That waist joint really kills this figure a bit, nevertheless I might have to pick him up when I see him as I really loved Captain Caveman as a kid.
    Incidentally, I did not know he had his own show. I only knew him from the Flinstone Kids, but he was my favorite part of that show.
    Thanks for the review.

  • jboypacman says:

    Am so let down by all of these HB figures from Jazwares as i have seen everything form smeared paint inside the packages from the figures to a what looked like a finger print on a back of a Dino figure they had in stock at TRU. Still Captain Caveman looks decent and it just might make me turn the corner and buy at lest one figure unless they improve on these. I so want a Snagglepuss,Magilla Gorilla and a Blue Falcon w/Dyno-Mutt.

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