We here at Infinite Hollywood are big fans of Hammer’s Horror films, so we thought it best to mention that TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is running a HAMMER HORROR FESTIVAL all month long. Unfortunately it’s not quite as robust or as frequent as we’d like. Still, every Friday this month TCM is running four classic Hammer Horror films. Turner Classic Movies is adding seven new Hammer Horror films to their archives during this run, so it is a nice addition to their lineup.

The first week was Dracula, so the big star has already passed. Two weekends are already in the books, but the next three weekends have some decent lineups. If you’ve got a craving for horror you should stop by TCM. Here is the schedule if you’re looking for a little bit of a different take on horror films:

Friday, October 15,2010 Starting at 8:00 PM

The Mummy (1959)

Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

The Mummy’s Shroud

Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb

Friday, October 22,2010 Starting at 8:00 PM

X the Unknown

Five Million Years to Earth

These Are the Damned

The Stranglers of Bombay

Friday, October 29,2010 Starting at 8:00 PM

The Curse of Frankenstein

The Revenge of Frankenstein

Frankenstein Created Woman

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Obviously both the Mummy weekend and the Frankenstein weekend will be must-see TV for horror buffs. That said, it’s nice to see some lesser known Hammer Horror get in on the action, like the Stranglers of Bombay. So if you’re looking for some fresh horror films this Halloween, check out the movies on TCM from Hammer. Grab some popcorn and watch Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee entertain you with some bone chillers.

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  • Lt_Clutch says:

    I also caught "The Gorgon" on TCM the other night, but Christopher Lee only shows up halfway through. And it was one of those where Lee played the good guy and Cushing was the mad scientist. I'll keep an eye out for the others.

  • Yeah they did a few where their roles were reversed. Cushing obviously could do the bad guy quite well.

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