Covenant Minifigure

Halo Minifigures Series 6
Copper Covenant Guard
1 1/2 Inch scale
By: Mega Bloks

One of things you’re going to see more coverage of here in the weeks and months ahead is more mini figure reviews. Why? Honestly, I feel like mini figures started as kind of a trend but I am starting to believe this may just be the future of action figures as we know them. This is easily the area where the most growth is coming in the toy aisles. There are literally dozens of different mini figures on the market and unlike the vinyl market, it seems to have not faded at all with time.

Halo Figures
Which brings me to the Halo mini figures. I know NOTHING about Halo. Never played a Halo game and likely never will. However I have picked up some other Mega Bloks through the years. They are some of the best mini figures around, so I decided I would pick up a Halo mini figure and see if it was a item I might like.

These come in blind bag packages. Nothing fancy. Use your fingers to find the ones that you want, or go stealth and look for codes. I assume they have bump codes or something, who knows. I completely grabbed these at random.


You’ve seen all these packages before. There’s a lot of figures shown on the front, to give you an idea of who’s in the series.

Inside is a little sheet giving you a checklist rundown of who exactly is in the series. It also shows you who’s rare and who’s not. The figure also comes unbuilt, but there’s not much to build here. Literally you snap the top half to the bottom.

I was a bit bummed out when I got this little Covenant guy. Why? Because he’s very small and not particularly detailed. Not only that, but he has less articulation and overall just feels very bland. Mini figures really need some sort of dynamic visual appeal and the Covenant figure is severely lacking in it.

I think most of these Halo figures are around the same size of Legos, but in this instance, Covenant is smaller. I assume that’s accurate to the game as these creatures are hunched over or something like that.

There is some detail here, particularly with his little fin on the back. Unfortunately the rest of his sculpt is just sort of like a raisin. Even the face doesn’t have much detail there. The Halo Mega Bloks figures focus more on sculpting than doing the generic templates with tampos and such that most others do. Unfortunately, when you get a character like this it’s just not working for me. The paint (what little there is) adds nothing to the mix.

As mentioned before, Mega Bloks traditionally have a lot of articulation but Covenant here doesn’t have much movement. While Lego mini figures technically have less articulation, they are stronger in other areas.

He has a lot of swivels, including his neck, waist, arms, legs and wrists. No hinges or anything, which is one of the advantages Mega Bloks typically have. I understand that these characters can’t all have that, but it feels a little bit of a disappointment that this doesn’t have the same articulation as all the other Halo minifigs.

Often mini figures come with a lot of neat stuff. Unfortunately, we only get one little gun here. I assume it’s accurate to the game, but it’s not particularly exciting.

There’s also a little stand. It’s pretty basic, but par for the course with these types of figures. I guess it’s something.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this figure, but it doesn’t strike me as very interesting or exciting. I’m not sure if it’s my lack of interest in Halo or just that I got a bad figure, but I don’t feel like this was a great value. I suppose if you’re army building these guys it’s not too bad, but I’ve seen similar figures in Halo multipacks that seem to be a better overall bang for your buck.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 2
Sculpt/Paint – 3
Articulation – 4
Accessories – 2
Value – 4
Overall: 3

I just crapped all over this little guy. I feel bad in some respect, but honestly he just did nothing for me. That’s part of the risk with doing “blind bag” figures. I didn’t have codes and just took a gamble, but it didn’t pay off. I think it’s easy to say my disinterest in Halo was the problem here, but I bought quite a few Halo Odd Pods and enjoyed them, so I think it’s just the Covenant figure itself that’s lacking.


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