Halloween Toy

Puppet Master
Halloween Pinhead
6 Inch scale
By: Full Moon Toys
$10-$20 (Varies)

Happy Halloween everybody! As we cap off this haunted holiday, I’ve decided to take a look back at this special Halloween figure from Full Moon Toys. While there are lots of horror movie figures that have been made through the years, there haven’t been that many Halloween specific action figures. Pinhead here is one of the few and the proud.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s not Pinhead! Yes, this character is also named Pinhead, much like the Hellraiser character. However, it should be obvious that this Pinhead is named such because of his rather small head, not because he has a bunch of needles in his face like our Cenobite friend. This is a variant of the regular Pinhead figure.

In fact, Full Moon was pretty notorious for their variants. It’s part of the reason that these figures were super collectible in the late 90’s, but also part of the reason that they died an untimely death. At one point, this exclusive figure was sold only online and ended up fetching a pretty penny. These days you can get Halloween Pinhead for a more reasonable price, but is he a worthy addition to your scary shelf?

Halloween Puppet Master Package
The packaging is your standard blister card, with cardboard backing and a easily removable front. It has a nice bit of artwork on it, though and is quite detailed. It even lays out how it’s a limited edition and it specifically mentions that this is a Halloween figure. There’s no ambiguity here.

The inside card is nice too, with a neat little drawing of a house with a Jack-o-Lantern and such. You can just imagine that Pinhead and the rest of the puppets are out making their rounds and stopped at this place. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, for the poor souls who answer the door.

The back is a bit more mundane, as it only mentions the limited nature of the figure and doesn’t show off much. Given how many toys and variants they had at this point, you’d think they’d spelled it out a bit more. It does plug the Decapitron Figure which I reviewed a couple years ago.

The sculpt is really good for the most part. Full Moon’s minature figures were quite good at capturing the likeness of the original puppets. Pinhead is definitely high up on that list and this figure has a few elements that make him different than the regular version. It’s pretty impressive.

The body is nice and bulky, to help replicate the puppet’s similar styling. He has appropriately large hands and a tiny head as well. There’s no mistaking that this is Puppet Master’s Pinhead.

The face sculpt it probably the best part of the whole thing, accurately recreating every detail. The paint is great here too, with Pinhead having a nice 5 o’clock shadow. He also has a special “Halloween mask” that has been painted on.

The regular figure had open hands, but this figure has closed fist type hands. These are pretty much exclusive to this figure and it helps this guy stand out from being just another repaint variant. I actually prefer this hand style.

Soft goods can be a sticking point with some people on action figures, but they work well with the Puppet Master figures. It makes the figures look more like minature replicas. Underneath his sweater he has a full sculpted undershirt.

The back has a special Halloween printing on it, to commemorate this figure. 1999. 14 years ago… Has it really been that long? Anyway, the sweater fits a bit awkward when moving him, but in static poses it looks great.

Another nice touch on the sweater, is that it actually has little bits of blood splatter on it. It’s a bit hard to see, but it’s there. Nice little details.

The articulation is the one area where Pinhead needs some work. It’s not so much the articulation itself (although it is limited) but rather, how the articulation works with the sculpt. For some reason Pinhead has been sculpted so that his legs are half bent and a bit hunched over. This makes you automatically want to straighten him out.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any thigh/leg articulation. Without being able to move his hips, you’re left only with knee joints. These are pretty much worthless, as they only give you a bit of a bend, but it’s not enough to add new poses or better stability. It’s like they had a good idea, but then scrapped it at the last minute and went for something less effective.

The rest of the articulation, although basic, works good enough for the character. The puppets never really moved around too much in the Puppet Master films. This is especially true in the later sequels like Axis Of Evil, so just getting to move the arms, neck and hands a bit, works well enough.

You do have wrist swivels and hinged elbows, so you’re able to do some posing on the upper half. It’s pretty much everything below the torso that’s useless. It’s easily the biggest problem with this figure, but it plagues the basic Pinhead and his variant brethren as well.

If the articulation was a bit weak, the accessories definitely help make up for it. Most of the Puppet Master figures came with a couple of accessories. This was one of their better elements and Pinhead really ups the ante. He’s all decked out for Halloween and ready to do some horrific trick or treating.

He has a big army knife that’s all covered in blood. I suspect this was an old re-purposed mold from some other toy line that had a survival knife, but it works really well here. I don’t recall him ever actually killing anyone with one of these, but it doesn’t matter.

There’s also a gruesome severed/shrunken head. I don’t usually get into the “gory” figures, but this is a pretty neat accessory. Again, it may have originated in another Full Moon figure, but it’s painted really well and definitely makes the creep factor go through the roof. Is this a victim, or did someone give this out as a treat on Halloween?

Finally you get his Trick-or-Treat bag. This is my favorite of the accessories. It’s got a nice little Jack-O-Lantern on it and there’s some blood on the bag as well. Inside there’s some hands, which reminds me of the Edward Scissorhands Professor Figure that I reviewed a while back. Of course, these are much smaller.

There isn’t any great way to have him hold the bag, but he can hold it up. It could probably work a little better, but this is the accessory that really seals the Halloween element. So I am definitely glad they included it.

I don’t really recall what this guy originally retailed for online, but it was probably in the $15-$20 range. These days you can expect to pay around that, or less for this Halloween version of Pinhead. Considering that he’s not just a repaint (like so many of the other variants) that’s actually a good deal. If you’re going to get any secondary variant of Pinhead, this is definitely the one to get. He’s a great Halloween shelf figure.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpt/Paint – 9
Articulation – 5
Accessories – 10
Value – 8
Overall: 8

Overall, this is a fun figure. Not only is it a great Halloween figure, but it’s a really well done figure in general. Full Moon had a great thing going with these guys. I wish they still made figures like this. But it’s just a Halloween memory now. Happy Halloween!

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