When it comes to taking awesome toy photos, there are few better than TCM Hitchhiker. I could spend all day lining up the perfect shot, messing around in photoshop and it’d still look like dog poop next to TCM’s weakest efforts. He’s just got an incredible knack for making toys look good. All month long he’s been highlighting awesome horror toys in celebration of Halloween and he’s allowed me to show off a few of my favorites for the 31 Days of Halloween celebration here at Infinite Hollywood.

We start with Melvin Junko AKA the Toxic Avenger. This guy is not normally someone you’d consider a Halloween favorite, but for the past few years DirecTV has ran this movie along with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes like 100,000 times during the Halloween season. I guess they got a good deal from Troma. Oddly enough it seems like they aren’t running it this year. The original Toxic Avenger is very much a horror movie though, even if it’s a kinda crappy one. I’d be upset with myself if I didn’t mention you should watch Toxic Avenger IV if you’re into these sorts of things… It’s really cool cheese. The making of documentary will make you love the movie even more.

Is there a creature better that embodies science fiction than the Metaluna Mutant from This Island Earth? The Metaluna Mutant is easily one of the coolest looking alien designs of all time.

I think I mentioned in my Sideshow Creature from the Black Lagoon review how I used to have this old Remco figure but he was missing a foot. I kept him for years and years. He’s never looked better than when photographed by TCM Hitchhiker.

I still have this old Remco Dracula figure. As usual, TCM takes the figure and makes it into a piece of artwork. This could no doubt be a trading card or on a cereal box or something.

I love the beautiful contemplative nature of this photo. A lot of credit has to go to a great sculpt, an awesome design and of course wonderful photography.

Check out his awesome Svengoolie! That’s just all kinds of cool. I really need to watch Svengoolie more. Maybe I can spotlight him before Halloween comes. We’ll see if that comes to pass or not.

Finally we have Godzilla, Gojira himself. This is an impressive photo because it recreates some imagery from the classic film but does so with toys. That’s really where TCM Hitchhiker shines the most. He can make simple toys look so lifelike. Most people get lost in the antics of the later G-Money movies that they forget the original film is a horror movie that actually struck a lot of terror into it’s original audience.

So there you have it, just a peek into some of my favorites of TCM Hitchhiker’s special Halloween photos. If you want to see more, check out His Flickr Photostream where he has dozens of cool Halloween pictures and albums full of pictures that are so awesome they’ll melt your face.

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