So I picked these up the other day at Target for a buck. They’re little Halloween parachuters. Nothing much fancy. Aside from the orange pumpkin-like parachutes, it’s hard to tell that these are even supposed to be for Halloween. In fact, however, they are.

Each one has a different Halloween themed character ready to parachute. First up is the witch. Honestly, you’d kind of think a witch wouldn’t need a parachute with the broom and all. Maybe for high air broom collisions?

Next is the little pumpkin headed guy. Shame it’s not the real Pumpkinhead!

The last two really confuse me. This guy, I’m going to assume is a ghost. He looks more like the typical Wal-Mart smiley face guy, but I guess the swirl on his head is supposed to make him like the Ghostbusters mascot. Maybe it’s supposed to be Mr. Tastee from the Adventures of Pete & Pete?

The most confusing of course, is the little guy here at the end. I think his head is supposed to be a candy bowl. It’s really odd. They should have saved their money on the extra molds and just made Pumpkin head guys and Witches. They’re the only two recognizable.

I really have no use for these things and since I have a few and some duplicates, I guess I’ll give them with some candy to some lucky Trick-or-Treaters. Huzzah! Hey at least it’s a free toy of sorts. I really should hand out pamphlets for Infinite Hollywood. Increase readership and grassroots promote. Instead I’m giving out vaguely recognizable Halloween para-troopers.

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