Cozy Socks
Halloween Pumpkin Style
By: Target

There are lots of websites out there that are dedicating time to Halloween, but how many do you know that will be reviewing Halloween slippers Cozy Socks?! The 31 Days of Halloween continues with a look at these foot fetish fantasy fanatic’s wildest dream… Halloween Cozy Socks!

What the heck are cozy socks? Basically they’re thinner versions of slippers. They are designed to keep your feet warm on these cool autumn days and clearly these are to get you into the spirit of Halloween. At only $5, they seem like a logical gamble. Let’s see if Target has a winner on it’s hands, or feet rather, or if this is just a cheap ploy to cash in on All Hallow’s Eve…

I’m reviewing the packaging of a slipper. What has my life become?

Actually it’s not much of a package at all. These simply hung on hooks and have a tag attached. I guess they’re a bit like Bandai Ultraman Vinyls in that sense. If I can rant for a minute, the tags were pretty easy to rip off. HOWEVER they ended up ripping a small hole in the sock. What a bunch of crap!

The tag, which I assume is not collectible like the aforementioned vinyls, says these are one size fits all. We’ll see about that!

These are bright orange and black in traditional Halloween colors. There are a few threads of shiny material throughout, giving it a bit of a glowing appearance. It’d be even cooler if they glowed in the dark, but sadly, they do not.

The bottom features “treads” so that you aren’t slipping and sliding all over the house. I have wood floors, so this is a plus! The rubbery soles are designed in a Happy Halloween motif and have a little Jack-o-Lantern smile as well.

The top has a strap on them so that you can make sure not to lose them off of your feet. Although they’re made to be pretty restrictive anyway, so I’m not certain the strap is needed.

One size fits all? One size fits all? ONE SIZE FITS ALL?!

MY ASS! These things don’t fit my feet at all. Granted I wear a size 15 shoe… But why can’t I have nice things?!

Okay fine… I didn’t buy these for me. These were for the GF and they DO fit her. I still don’t think it’s fair. In all seriousness though, she didn’t think they were particularly warm, comfortable or that great to wear. She said that the top strap was a bit tight and sort of rubbed against her foot. Cozy socks fail.

Not for men.

They may look nice, but they aren’t very functional nor does one size truly fit all. I’m sure there’s plenty of fat chicks who won’t be able to shove their chubby feet into these. You’re better off just shoving your foot in a real pumpkin!

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