Magician Play Set
By: Irwin Mainway Novelty Ankyo Development Limited

With Halloween just a few weeks away, children of all ages are beginning to get their costumes together. For parents, this can mean a lot of expense. Thankfully here at Infinite Hollywood during the 31 Days of Halloween, we can shine a light on some less expensive Halloween costumes. Such as this gem from Target which can transform your child into a magician for only $1!

Okay seriously, this is a real item I bought at Target in their discount Halloween section. It’s absurd, dangerous and clearly should be marketed by Dan Akroyd’s old Irwin Mainway character on SNL.

It’s right up there in terms of quality. Let’s take a deeper look into the Magician set, shall we?

This comes in a cheap bag with cardboard header. I suppose this is part of the successful “Bag O” line, along with hits like Bag O’ Glass. This may also be marketed under the name of Bag O’ Crap.

It’s pretty clear what’s inside, but perhaps they think they’ll fool somebody.

The tag is also clearly marked Magician Play Set.

So let’s see if there’s enough here to transform you into a Magician for this Halloween.

Up first we have the magic wand, which is important to any good magician. You’ll be like Harry Potter or at the very least, Larry Houdini the lesser known cousin of Harry, with this traditional wand. So far, so good.

Up next we have the traditional Magician’s magnifying glass. Wait, what? Since when did magicians carry maginifying glasses? Isn’t that like for a spy or a detective? Well at least it works good.

Scratch that, no it doesn’t.

Okay we’re back on track now with a bow tie. Bow ties are cool, right 11th Doctor? Plus this is pretty traditional magician garb. It looks a little cheap, but at least it’s functional.

Actually, let me tell you the truth. I put this bow tie on. I clipped it around my neck for fun, just to see. I nearly strangled myself. Sure I realize my neck might be a bit large, but this thing is one size fits all. Seriously, I almost died.

Once clipped together it’s almost impossible to unclip. At first I thought it was kind of funny and then I physically could not remove it as it began tightening around my throat. As I write this review now, I am still slightly gasping for breath and can still feel the lingering sensation of the cord around my neck. I eventually had to rip it up over my head because the snaps would not come undone.

Okay after the bow tie nearly freaking killed me, I can enjoy the final part of the costume kit… The plastic walkie talkie. You know, I’ve seen all sorts of magic acts and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a walkie talkie used in ANY capacity.

Yes, the antenna does come right out of the package looking like a dog chewed it up. The only positive I can say about this cheap hollow plastic item is that it does have a bit of sculpting detail.

You get 4 items for $1. I suppose that’s a decent value just on sheer bulk alone. Unfortunately, aside from the magic wand, none of this stuff is really useful for a Magician Halloween costume or learning magic. Could this not have included a simple magic trick? Why the leftover police gear? Also the bowtie nearly strangled me to death and I’m not joking about that.

Score Recap:
Packaging: 1
Sculpting: 1
Paint: 1
Value: 1
Overall: 1 out of 10

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. It might be best to make this one disappear into the trash can. I’m just glad I lived to tell the story.

Check out some of Mainway’s other products… In the only Youtube video I could find of it.

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