Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you’ve been enjoying the 31 Days of Halloween, and although today we’re wrapping things up, we have several posts scheduled throughout the day and night to keep you boys and ghouls happy! Behold the Marshmallow Pickled Witch’s head! Just look at this grotesque thing! This is FOOD!

It was a bit difficult to get the head out of the plastic jar, but it is intended to be taken out. It’s made by the Frankfort candy company but comes by way of China. As if I needed another reason to be cautious about eating this thing. This was the grossest of the three styles available and comes to us under the Freak Street branding like those infamous Skull Candies I reviewed earlier this month. You know, the ones with the big Chinese laborer’s thumb prints on them.

The good news is, even if you’re leery of eating this sucker, you can have it fight your Mattel Ghostbusters. Seriously, what else are they going to fight?

Because I love you guys, I decided to take the plunge and take a bite of this nasty witch. Surprisingly, it’s not as putrid as I’d imagined. Sure, it’s nasty, but for reasons wholly different than I originally anticipated. Basically, this witch head is a giant Peep. I hate Peeps, so I don’t much care for this either. The outside is a little thicker, but it’s essentially a Peep.

Clearly I’m not going to eat this whole thing… So what should I do with it? I’m thinking of just randomly chucking at someone’s head. Suggestions?!

It’s certainly a neat looking Halloween treat. I guess if you like Peeps and want to eat one as big as a baby’s head, then this is for you. Otherwise, it looks creepy in the jar and adds some additional ambiance to your Halloween decor. Yum, yum! It also maks a decent stand in for the Face of Boe, no?

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