As we continue down the path of 31 Days of Halloween, it’s time to look at more Halloween Candy! I’ve already covered a few tasty treats, but today we’re looking at spooky skulls. Rock on with some Skulls hard candy! The Skulls say “Freak Street” on the package. I’ve been to a Freak Street, but it didn’t have anything to do with Halloween. Although some of the broads there looked like they came from a horror movie, but I digress.

I bought this at Walmart, for about $1. It comes with five skulls in a coffin package. The packaging is probably the neatest part, but unfortunately it’s not substantial enough to use for GI Joes or anything. It unfolds in several spots and it’s mostly just paper and plastic wrapping. Still it’s very visually appealing for the season.

The skull treats are made by a company called “FLIX Candy”, which I had never heard of prior to this. There isn’t a single healthy thing in these guys. A quick check on their website though indicates that they make a lot of licensed movie candy. That’s where they get the name Flix, naturally. Mostly Disney products are under their umbrella, but they also make seasonal candy for Valentines, Easter, Christmas and of course, Halloween. Some of their other Halloween products include gummy zombie hands called “Grave Grabbers” and a substance known as “Box of Boogers”, YUM!

Speaking of gross, I noticed that on a couple of mine there is a pretty clear thumb print. It’s not on all of them and well, the thumb prints don’t match… So it’s not part of the design. The Chinese laborer’s thumbprint is an added bonus! I think it helps lock in the flavor?

Speaking of flavors, they have several pretty good tastes. It comes in the following flavors: Watermelon (Red), Tropical Punch (White), Green Apple (Green), Orange (Duh), and Grape (Purple). The flavor is a bit like a sucker, without the stick. The inclusion of Watermelon and Green Apple sets them above many candies on the market. The only really problem here, is that these guys are big. See the scale shot with DCUC Blue Beetle. You could easily choke to death on these.

I like suckers, but I hate the paper sticks that they come on. They always melt and I feel like I’m eating paper, so these candy skulls are a good alternative for me. They’re a bit big and kind of awkward to have in your mouth, but taste quite good. Come on down to Freak Street if you want some skull!

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