So just this week, I joined the League of Extraordinary Bloggers! I’ve always wanted to join a league of some sort. The Justice League, a little league, 20,000 leagues, anything would work. Unfortunately up until now, no league would have me… But thankfully the LEB, have accepted me.

Each week the League will discuss various topics and for my first week as a member, the topic is: Patriotic pop culture. What movie, TV show, comic book, etc. makes you want to stand up and salute Old Glory?

With 4th of July just around the corner, this is an interesting topic for me. I’m not one who typically gets caught up in patriotism. But when the topic was posed, immediately one thing came to mind. Hacksaw Jim Duggan… Tough guy!

In particular, Hacksaw Jim Duggan during his World Championship Wrestling run. Hacksaw debuted in WCW in 1994 and had for years been known as a patriot and everyman wrestler. After previous stints in the WWF and UWF, he had already established himself. In the WWF he had an entrance theme, but that couldn’t come with him as Vince McMahon owned the rights. His patented 2×4 and carrying the US flag, could though.

In WCW, Hacksaw was able to take his patriotism to another level. He added stars to his knee pads. He added a new move the “Old Glory” knee drop and most importantly, his entrance music became the Washington Post March. Duggan would be with WCW right up until it’s close in 2001 and pretty much the entire time he was with the company, he was beating the ever lovin’ crap out of jobbers. Waving the red, white and blue and shouting, “HOOOOOO” and “USA, USA”, Hacksaw had to have amassed one of the best records in pro wrestling history.

The Washington Post March was a great theme for Duggan. In fact I’d argue it was much better than even his WWF theme, which is a catchy tune itself. The Washington Post March just helped amp the crowd up and Duggan would go nuts waving the flag and getting the audience into a fever pitch of patriotism.

Whether it was intentional or not, I always thought Hacksaw made an interesting commentary on America. He’s a simple man, apparently not very smart, making goofy faces and carrying around a 2×4 just because. Also his grandmother was a taped fist champion, or so the story goes in WCW. I wish my grandma was a taped fist champion. When Hulk Hogan turned to the nWo, Hacksaw would routinely call him out. Hogan never answered.

Duggan was a staple of the myriad of WCW B-shows, facing no name talents and up and comers from all across the globe. Hacksaw would often appear on the major shows and even on pay-per-view from time to time, but it was those “squash” matches that really got me. As soon as the first loud trumpets (I think they’re trumpets?) of the Washington Post March would hit, you could almost feel the poor job guy about to be pummeled into mush.

Jim Duggan wasn’t a particularly fancy wrestler and his smashmouth style lent itself well to beating up jobbers. Most of these matches were under 6 minutes or so. However the main reason that Hacksaw was often featured on these shows, is that he could make the crowd go nuts. Often these TV tapings were boring, but when Duggan’s music hit, people got excited. The chants of USA, USA all through the arena allowed these otherwise pointless matches to become interesting.

That’s what made Hacksaw Jim Duggan so great and it’s easily my favorite little piece of patriotic pop culture. Duggan was perpetually over as a result and although his WWF theme music was a great little tune, I will forever associate Hacksaw Jim Duggan with the Washington Post March. In fact anytime I hear it at a parade or some other function, I immediately slug the guy next to me with a 3 point stance clothesline and start shouting, “USA, USA” at the top of my lungs. What could be more patriotic than that?

And just for fun, here’s a clip from one of Duggan’s numerous appearances, to give you an idea if you never got the chance to experience this for yourself.

If you want to learn more about Hacksaw Jim Duggan, check out this figure review I did of Mattel’s WWE Legends Jim Duggan figure.

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  • - Beth, the GF says:

    I always think of Forrest Gump as being really patriotic. I love that movie (which is why we own it), and all the different elements of it. Some other movies just seem depressing, to say the least.

  • oansun says:

    Is it a coincidence you chose a video with Mike Tenay saying "Chris Benoit is on fire?" I think not.

    That being said, I 100% agree with Hacksaw as a commentary on the American populace. He accomplished this better than Dusty Rhodes. I love Rhodes (more than Hacksaw), but Dusty is also DEFINITELY a product of his era. Hacksaw could have been a character from the era of Jim Londos to Bruno to now. He's timeless. I always loved Hacksaw as a kid, as he's very fun to watch. He's got the goofy face,beard, and a big stick to knock down anyone that acts like an asshole. He was awesome. Now, not so much, but always will respect the job he's done/

  • What's odd is, I seem to recall this particular episode of Worldwide. Or at least a match between Craig Pittman and Chris Benoit.

    I saw Hacksaw back at Wizard World last year and he seemed pretty cool. Not get my picture taken with him for $20 cool, but probably fun to hang out with cool.

  • Anne Packrat says:

    Team America is the most patriotic movie I know. And it has kitten's in it.

  • Fun pick!

  • Indeed!

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