So I’ve been trying to find a good way to give crap away. So last night I came up with a great new contest in which I will give away prizes. Here’s the skinny…

I will sketch (poorly) an obscure toy from my youth. I will sketch it purely off of memory. I will then post it up here and from that drawing you must identify the figure, his name and what toy line it came from in a post below.

I haven’t decided on a prize for the first contest, but this is a bit of a trial run. I was thinking that, the harder a contest becomes, the better the prize will be. I’m sure some of you wizards can figure these out easily. The first person to respond below in the comments section with the correct answer wins.

The prizes could be anything from a pack of stickers to a brand new PS3! (It won’t be a PS3!) Prizes will be revealed after the contest, unless otherwise stated.

At the moment the prizes will purely be given from my great generosity. However if you’re a company or sponsor who would like to provide a prize for this awesome contest and ones like it, please contact me at: Prize Sponsors!

Here’s the first entry:


– All contest applicants must leave an email address in their post, OR read this website on the date the winner is announced. No claiming prizes you didn’t win. Any unclaimed prizes will be fed to the Sarlacc.

– You may only win one prize per month, per year. Unless it’s a leap year or you’re Santa Claus. If you’re Santa, you’re exempt from this rule, but also exempt from playing in the contest as you have an unfair advantage as you know entirely too much about toys. You very well may have given me these toys and thus, you’d be cheating in a way. Let’s keep this fair Claus!

– Artwork won’t be any good, it may not even be accurate or have ever existed. These are drawn from memory and I did a lot of drugs in my youth.

– Not valid in Puerto Rico, Nebraska or the Moon. Sorry Moonmen!

– Prizes will be shipped free of charge to the continental 48 United States. All other countries must pay shipping themselves… Because we’re cheap.

– If you’re impressed with my artwork and want to hire me to draw comics, animation or nude pictures of your attractive wife, seek mental help.

– If no one correctly guesses the toy within the time alotted for the contest (say 3 weeks or so?) I reserve the right to keep the prizes and parade them around town and laugh at your lack of art appreciation.

– Void where prohibited, sorry no CODs.

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