Here’s some Green Lantern casting news. As you probably know, Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan has been cast as Ryan Reynolds. Meanwhile Warner Bros. have found the female lead for Green Lantern in Blake Lively who will be playing Carol Ferris, AKA Star Sapphire. Blake Lively I guess comes from Gossip Girl?

I’m not particularly impressed with any casting thus far. Reynolds can probably do a decent Jordan, but it still seems like typical Hollywood casting of forcing young actors into roles whether they look the part or not. I quite liked the Jonah Hex casting, despite what’s her face being in it, but at least there is a solid lead in Josh Brolin. I guess we’ll see how Green Lantern turns out when it comes out in a year or so. At least it’s better than the comedy Jack Black script that was being passed around for a while.

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