Google is my default search engine. I prefer it. I’ve always liked that they had little quirks like redesigning the logo for holidays and important events. In recent years, this year especially it seems like almost every day they redesign the logo for something or the other. During the Olympics, it was obvious that they had spent a lot of time and money on making new Google logos and I thought they all sucked.

When I first saw the Pac-Man one today in honor of Pac-Man’s 30th birthday, I smiled. It was well done. That’s when I assumed it was just a logo. Since I usually keep my computer muted, I didn’t hear the music. Eventually I looked up and saw that the ghosts were moving. Neat GIF, I thought. Then I realized Pac-Man wasn’t moving and instinctively grabbed for the control keys and started munching ghosts.

Not only is the Google Pac-Man perfectly emulated with cut screens, difficulty and AI, but it’s a blast to play. I never want it to go away. Granted, I’m not getting anything else done as a result, but I’m having fun. My Dad is like the Pac-Man king, I’d love to see how he could do on this extra challenging Google board.

One of the Google buttons has been changed to a “Insert Coin” button. Cool little Easter Egg, if you insert two coins, you get a Ms.Pac-Man second player. So awesome.

Pac-Man still has a lot of fans, as evidenced by last month’s poll. It led to our epic He-Man versus Pac-Man showdown, where the yellow dot showed off his wrestling skills. Hat’s off to Google and Happy Birthday Pac-Man!

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Google is the only search engine I use and this was a nice surprise. I was hooked soon as I heard the familiar synth music! Took me back to the days of Atari 2600 and I started playing right away. I love Google and these cool little touches they provide us with. Awesome stuff. I even finished off all the dots by the fifth round! LOL!

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