Cable TV ratings are a strange thing. Often when you look at what’s highly rated, you’d realize that people either have no taste or the general viewing public is mentally challenged. Highly sophisticated shows rank very low, while mind numbingly stupid stuff gets high ratings. Whatever your political affiliation, the high ratings numbers on certain “Talk News” programs has to be alarming as well. How much news does any one person need, in reality? If you’re watching more than three hours of news on ANY channel per day, you have to realize you’re being brainwashed.

But when looking over the highest rated Cable programs for last week, you have to smile a little when you see that the 15th highest rated show was the 1997 comedy, Good Burger. Make no mistake, I’m not saying that Good Burger is an indication that the American people are stupid. Nope, quite the contrary. I actually think Good Burger is a pretty funny movie.

I’d much rather see that 4 million people watched Good Burger than half the other stuff in the top rated shows, including the aforementioned “news” programs… But Good Burger has to be some incredible ratings anomaly. I mean, Nick running Good Burger really shouldn’t be considered a big deal. The movie was never a big hit and is nearly a decade old… Yet in the year 2010, it was one of the highest rated things on Cable television. The moon and stars must have been aligned just perfectly that night.

Bravo Good Burger, bravo!

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  • revsears says:

    it's good to be informed. I'll agree all your news should come from more commentary based shows and that's good to have some fun and watch entertaining stuff. But as for news brainwashing you? I think it certain causes that's like accusing the preacher of brainwashing the choir. They came for a reason and got deeply involved for a reason. Sure there are plenty of converts, but you don't pop in one day and then sing in the choir the next.

  • Perhaps, but plenty of Preachers brainwash from the pulpit too. We've seen that happen in some rather famous tragedies. When news is misrepresented, be it from either side, it really shouldn't be considered news. It's like learning your science from a sci-fi program.

    People who are weak minded and vulnerable can easily be swayed by "news" or even "church" that's way off base. We have better and more sources of information then ever before in our history, but I don't think people are getting any smarter as a result. Seems if anything they're being easily swayed one way or the other.

    But then again maybe people are just getting dumber. Perhaps Mike Judge's Idiocracy is coming true. Good Burger would certainly indicate that.

  • Beth, the GF says:

    I think brainwashing is some what of a strong word to use, although I definitely agree that history shows that preachers/religious figures have used such tactics. I do think the news is so very selective on what they choose to run that it's some what sad. Statistically, suicides rates do not go up during the holiday times, but yet, the news (this definitely includes newspapers) chooses to run more stories of them to make it appear as though there are more–why is that? I think that in itself is somewhat depressing. I also think that we, as a society, have become entirely way too celebrity obsessed. How long do we need to run stories about Tiger Woods and his infidelity? And yet, people still want to know.

    I certainly agree that our sources for information are far superior than ever before, and I can attest to the fact that sometimes I get lost in looking up information of things I didn't know, mostly historical things.

  • Beth, the GF says:

    But, I totally don't get that vibe from others I attend school with. Granted I'm not old (or I don't think so), but I am almost daily flabbergasted at comments made from people who may have just graduated high school and the levels in which they absolutely have no knowledge of what is going on around them because it does not directly affect them.

    I hated the movie Idiocracy. HOWEVER, with all that being said, I can sometimes understand how people can watch such things as Good Burger, as it allows people to sit down and not think for 2 hours, whereas, those who must actually THINK during the course of their day, may want something entertaining, but not something that requires too much thought, almost like a sense of relaxation.

    (Sorry my post was too long, I had to split it up, LOL.)

  • revsears says:

    You have a point, you do. But I just fear your not giving enough people credit for making their own choices, even if in your mind those are bad choices. It's something easy to fall into, we begin to think that anyone who doesn't agree us is being lead astray, or is an idiot etc. We are all guilty of it.

    I think we call bias only when we see it against what we already believe, and brainwashing goes along the same lines.

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