We’re back with more 6 Days of 007. Today we’re looking at the first real henchman in the Bond films, the man with a bowler cap that will kill you, Oddjob. Played by Pro Wrestler Tosh Togo, AKA Harold Sakata, he was the perfect introduction of such a crazy concept to the James Bond mythos.

Oddjob was a mute, but strong, well versed in karate and the aforementioned hat that could cut your head off, made him an ample foe for 007. I always liked the idea of a real tough henchman that would be the last obstacle before getting to the big boss. Most of Bond’s actual foes were usually pretty weak, so they needed some muscle and Sakata’s Oddjob was the real deal.

The packages continue to be based on the films, so this is a Goldfinger package, much like the Sean Connery as James Bond that I reviewed before. It’s a simple package, but it’s effective and it almost makes this figure look like it came out in the 1960’s with the film.

Sometimes a simple but effective package is all you really need. I wouldn’t have minded if they told us a bit about the backgrounds of the actors or something of that nature, as Oddjob is pretty interesting, but I understand and respect the theme they have.

After hearing some initial horror stories, I actually expected Oddjob to have the same body as Bond. As it turns out Oddjob has a different “fat” body. I say fat because he certainly seems more round, but he’s not like super fat or anything.

The face sculpt could be a little sharper and of the three figures I’ve reviewed so far, I’d say Oddjob’s is probably the least impressive. It’s still not a bad head sculpt, but there is something sort of plain about it. It’s a shame that Harold Sakata didn’t get to be a bit more expressive in the film either. Judging from his media appearances later in life and his pro wrestling background, seems as though he was a pretty colorful guy.

Without his hat on Oddjob has a bit of a lunch bucket head, but that’s sort of how he looked in the film as well. It seems as though they’ve accented that a bit with the sculpt, but that could be so that his hat fits better. I’m not sure.

Oddjob has the exact same articulation as everyone else, so you can check out the naked Roger Moore Bond for a complete breakdown of points. Needless to say you’ve got enough here to get him in a few poses, but he won’t be doing too many dance moves.

Oddjob moved a bit like a stiff, so that’s workable. I think you could stage a pretty fun fight scene though. Jakks has moved to make a new NWA wrestling figure line and I think Harold Sakata would be a perfect “legend” figure for them to make.

Thus far everyone has gotten some of the same accessories. Oddjob has the same stand as everyone else, but he doesn’t include a gun. Normally I’d be upset, but Oddjob gets the one accessory he really needs, his hat.

It fits in his hand pretty well, but can slip out fairly easily too. He can wear it on his head. That’s pretty much all you need out of a hat and although the sculpt is basic, it fits. He looks a tad too much like Fred Astaire or something with it on, but it’s still better than he looked in James Bond Jr. when they reinvented him as a rapper.

I was able to get him for $10, which is what he originally cost as well. It’s not a perfect value, but he makes for a fun little figure if you like Bond. He’s probably the easiest to find and you can likely get him for under $10 if you look around hard enough.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Stand, Hat
Value – 6
Overall – 7 out of 10

You would think Oddjob would rank a little higher, but he’s just not as fun as the Bonds. He would make a fine addition to our collection though if you just want to add a generic Bond style henchman. I like Oddjob and I like these figures, but they certainly aren’t without faults and that tends to be more apparent on this blander figure.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    There are some nice gems among Exclusive Premiere's many lines and the Bond figures rank way up there. I can't understand why Mego fans dislike these so much. I think in time they'll become harder to find when it becomes clearer that nobody else is producing new versions of these characters.

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