Coming soon to the theatre near you, Godzilla faces his most fierce nemesis yet… Comcast! Literally two giants are about to do battle. Apparently Comcast launched a new ad camapign earlier this year called “Comcast Town” in which commercials and print ads showed a small Simcity-like town where people have Comcast. Honestly Will Wright should be suing too probably… Anyway in a few of the ads they have a Godzilla cartoon fighting a giant robot.

Now Toho, Godzilla’s parent company, is claiming copyright infringement. It’s interesting because the creature is clearly Godzilla, but it’s not like they referred to him as such. However since the depiction is so close, Toho feels they were slighted.

It’s interesting to me that Toho is fighting this battle as Godzilla is one of the most ripped off pieces of merchandise of all time. His iconic roar is often put into toys without permission. His likeness is used in a variety of things, but usually the people are smart enough to just slightly change the appearance… Like King of the Monsters the video game that gave him a horn.

Comcast is a powerhouse media giant, but I don’t think they’re any match for big G-Money. Toho may be fighting this battle just to avoid some measure of Genericized trademark. We’ll see when Godzilla gets his day in court.

7 Responses to Godzilla versus Comcast

  • Joel says:

    Honestly, that’s so clearly Godzilla that I think Toho’s claim is justified. Would it have killed whatever ad agency Comcast hired to take the five seconds required to alter the design even a little? They’ll probably just settle out of court, though.

  • Michael says:

    I like Godzilla/Gojira and dislike Comcast. I hope Toho is successful in their lawsuit.

  • stcardinal says:

    Geez at least pretend to not rip off Godzilla. They could have at least made him red or something…

  • Gilltron says:

    Good luck to Toho Comcast dropped the ball on this one they really should have altered Godzilla.

  • Dr Nightmare says:

    Honestly, I still don’t understand why people get super-mad when little things like this happen. I mean, it obviously gives Godzilla more free exposure, and they may have used Godz as a way of showing how much they love the character (yeah right, but still, lol).

    I’d be miffed if someone used my work and didn’t give me credit, but to be all I’M GONNA SUE YOUR PANTS OFF! seems a little much.

  • Well Toho is pretty good I think about not suing people, but like I said it may have had something to do with fear of Godzilla falling into genercized trademarks.

    Plus Comcast has a boatload of money, so it’d better to sue them, lol.

  • Tom K. A. says:

    Go-Go Godzilla!

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