Back in 2000, which seems like only yesterday but my calendar tells me was an entire decade ago, apparently I had a lot of money to burn and came very close on several occasions to buying one of Tokyo Marui’s Radio Control Godzillas. Those bad boys were going for around $500 back then and I was intent on getting one. I thought it would be perfect to make a high quality Godzilla movie. I had made some downright laughable Godzilla films before (Clips Seen Here), but with a RC Godzilla I would have been able to film some epic stuff.

Oddly enough I figured it would be too costly to get the camera equipment more so than the actual robot Godzilla, plus I could never get any commitment from my brother and a few friends on if they’d help me undertake such a project. I always just assumed I’d get one later, but alas they’re almost impossible to find now and they’re even more costly. I should have blown the money when I had it back then. Bandai made some cheaper battery operated ones and they show the potential that you could have with some robotic Godzilla toys. Just check out this pair of classic Japanese commercials to see them in action:

Naturally you don’t see the two monsters ever meet up face to face, because as cool as they look slowly lumbering towards one another, the illusion is likely lost when you hear the sounds of gears grinding together and rubber mingling in an unholy war of who’s battery runs out first. Still, it would have been cool to be a kid in Japan when these toys were first hitting. I’d love to have some of these even now, and although they are cheaper than the RC Godzillas, they’re still a bit too pricey for a novelty toy. Maybe when I win the lottery.

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