Prepare to be poor… VERY poor. We’ve known they were coming for quite some time, but Bandai has finally officially announced their S.H.Monsterarts toy line. Sculpted by Yuji Sakai, this new spin-off of the S.H. Figuarts line will be centered around Toho’s Godzilla monsters franchise. And it gets worse/better…

The first figure, Heisei era Godzilla will debut in November and run around $75! While that’s certainly pricey, it’s also the first ever Godzilla figure with this level of poseability. He’s going to have 29 points of articulation and as you can see from the photos, will be able to hit all his signature poses for the first time ever.

Like many of the Bandai figures, the first run will have bonus “heat effect” parts. These figures are in 6 inch scale, with Godzilla coming in at just a little over 6 inches. Right now no US retailers have these up for pre-order, but you can bet that they will as we get closer to the release date.

The second figure will come out in December and run closer to $90. That figure is of the Heisei era MechaGodzilla. Although hardly the most popular design, it does show that Bandai is willing to put out some figures that aren’t normally released. Of all the MechaGodzilla designs, this one is the least to be released in various formats.

MechaGodzilla will also feature die-cast parts in the legs and knees, likely similar to how some S.H. Figuarts contain metal. Of course this is on a larger scale, since the figure itself is bigger.

The first release of Mecha G will also have a limited run of bonus “Mega Buster” effect parts. And yes, I’m getting these dudes… And yes I’m going to be broke. It’s time to start dropping other toy lines, so I can start collecting these! More photos after the cut!

This is a kaiju lovers dream! November can’t come fast enough. Start saving now folks!

13 Responses to Godzilla S.H.Monsterarts Debuts in November

  • Nathan says:

    Holy crap! Those look awesome! And I thought the Revoltech Kaijus were expensive! Regardless, I'll probably get Godzilla, at least.

    Speaking of Revoltech, I wonder if this means we won't be seeing a Revoltech Godzilla anytime soon.

  • Yup, Revoltech Godzilla is dead. Revoltech basically stopped making Toho Kaiju after Bandai basically prevented them from ever getting ahold of Godzilla himself. Of course the reason for that was because Bandai wanted to release their own super poseable Godzilla line, hence this line.

    The good news is that Bandai has these guys worked out to a science. Their Ultra-Act giant monsters are similar to these and are really, really well done… So these will likely be totally awesome and worth every penny…

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I guess I'd be cancelling in buying other toys for this toyline…If he can't do the godzilla silly pose with his ahead between his arms and his one leg crossed,I'll be a bit disappointed.

  • You mean this one?

    I bet he can… But if not the Showa version better be able to!

  • Bill White says:

    Oh, Mr. Wallet, the pain I am going to put you through…

    Newton, can you alert us when online retailers start offering these? I would look myself, but I am lazy.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:


  • Will do.

  • Oansun says:

    I saw those and started to cry tears of poorness. Phenomenal I am hoping for spacegodzilla next. How sad is it when your iPhone doesn't autocorrect spacegodzilla, and accepts it as a word you commonly use?

  • Haha that's awesome that your iPhone doesn't correct that! Damn thing is always autocorrecting the wrong stuff for me anyway. I wonder if they'll go by eras or not. They're hitting two big Heisei guys right up front so SpaceG could be in there. I'd flip my lid for a Biollante though!

  • oansun says:

    I'm not surprised, given the amount of time I spend texting my bandmates about Godzilla stuff. That's pretty amazing that he's already ready to go! They should just stay in Heisei for a while since 1. Ir's the best and 2. Revoltech did the Showa stuff. A Biolante, a Destroyah (?!?!?!), a Godzillasaurus, Godzilla Jr, BATTRA! I always felt bad the Anguirus never got a round in Heisei. I would LOVE for those nutty future people to get tiny versions. I'm loving this stuff immensely! You are the man for this!

  • Johnny says:

    We need to know ASAP where can we go to pre-order those MONSTERS !

  • Scarfo says:

    Actual, you CAN purchase this in america. Try and other american toy websites. #Fact

  • Uh yeah, we know. It's been posted here for ages. However, when we originally posted up this news, there was not an American distributor.

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