Godzilla Final Wars
Alien X
6 Inch Scale
By: Bandai

Of all the things I like, no two are probably higher up on the list than Godzilla and wrestling. Literally from the time I was born until today I have watched both quite passionately. They both have a lot of simularities and clearly that had an influence on me as a kid with my epic “monster wrestling”, which was basically Godzilla fights. When Godzilla Final Wars came out in 2004, I was excited since it was supposed to be a homage of sorts to Destroy All Monsters, a film that as a kid I largely believed to be the end-all be-all of Godzilla films and Monster Wrestling.

Suddenly, monsters all appear around the world at major cities and the EDF promptly swings into action, attempting to drive away the monsters, but achieves little success. The various monsters and locations include Anguirus in Shanghai, Rodan in New York City, King Caesar in Okinawa, Kamacuras in Paris, Kumonga in Arizona, Zilla in Sydney and Ebirah near Tokyo. Then, after destroying much of their cities, the monsters vanish as an enormous alien mothership hovers over Tokyo. Aliens called the Xilians then reveal themselves, insisting they are friendly and that they have eliminated the monsters. They also warn the Earth’s governments about impending danger in the form of an asteroid called Gorath that will crash into Earth. Consequently, the Space Nations is established, an alliance that would unite the universe. Ozaki, Miyuki, and several others distrust them. After much researching and undercover work, they discover the Xilians are up to no good. Finally, the Xilians turn out to be evil and unleash the monsters to destroy Earth.

Of course as a kid I saw Destroy All Monsters only briefly and apparently thought the film was way better than it actually is. As an homage, Godzilla Final Wars definitely works as it’s just as uneven as the original, although the monster fights are much more fun. Final wars brought back the goofy space alien concept, but this time infused it with much Matrix style fighting and sword play, with mutants and mayhem along the way. In essence Final Wars ramped up the human side plot but also made it into a mishmash of every sci-fi Japanese cliche out there, including the “normal” form of the Xillians, which is what the Alien X toy here depicts. It’s strange that Bandai would make a figure of this character, since it’s not actually a Kaiju, but the Sentai design lends itself well to a toy.

If you’ve never bought a Bandai vinyl figure before, then let me awaken you to some startling news… They don’t come in packages. Say what? That’s right, there are no packages.

What you do get are tags, which I’m leaving on for this review. The tag greatly increases the value of the figure. Although this figure isn’t particularly valuable, I’m leaving the tag on anyway. The artwork on the tag is actually quite nice and as you can see from the text, this isn’t a Bandai America release.

I particularly like the side of the tag that shows off the aliens in their true form. It’s a good chance to see the characters in their true form. They didn’t have a ton of screen time in Final Wars. I’m not really sure why this is listed as Alien X instead of Xillians though, but there was generally some confusion on these characters names.

Although this creature isn’t exactly a Kaiju of the giant monster variety, he won’t look bad doing battle with your other Godzilla figures. He has a pretty unique design and it’s definitely alien. I can’t even tell where this thing’s eyes are.

Bandai has always done a pretty good job with their sculpts and they definitely did a bang up job here. There is a lot of intricacies on this figure, even if overall he’s a bit plain. He is loaded down with various tubes, veins, arteries, and textures. He has an organic, almost crustacean look about him.

He also looks very much like the character on screen. Although he lacks some of the slimier, gross aspect. There’s no denying who this is supposed to be, that’s for sure.

At 6 inches he works out to about perfect for DCUC scale. This is pretty cool because his design is such that he obviously could fit into any plot as a generic alien. If you’re looking for some new monsters/aliens/goons for your 6 inch toys, this guy is worth a look.

I’ve heard some complaints that he’s too plain and there is something about his design that is a bit average, but I don’t think he’s plain. The lack of a lot of color definitely makes him so that he doesn’t pop much, but that’s true to the original design as well. Frankly I think he’s pretty creepy and I imagine real aliens might look a bit more like this.

Unfortunately Bandai doesn’t do too well with their articulation of humanoid characters. I’m not sure why that is, but their vinyl figures always lack articulation. The regular Kaiju usually come out a little better, though.

The Alien X has a cut waist and cut arms. That’s it. Not very impressive, but you can get a few poses. He stands pretty well though.

Regular Kaiju don’t come with accessories, because what do they need, really? Sadly I think a character like this could use a weapon or two. This guy screams ray gun. With no packages, though, I don’t know where you would put them.

He comes with bupkis and his ability to do sweet handstands.

This figure, like the movie, wasn’t particularly popular. I think this guy would make a great Ultraman villain or just a generic alien. Originally he retailed for about $10, but you can find him now for usually under $8 and for that kind of value he’s not terrible. Assuming you like this sort of thing.

“Where did you hide the Nuke, Fishface?”

Score Recap:
Packaging – 1
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 3
Accessories – N/A
Value – 7
Overall – 5 out of 10

This guy scores low because there just isn’t much here. He’s not a bad toy. There’s just no real reason to run out and get this guy. The lack of articulation is bothersome, but it’s not a deal breaker because that’s what vinyl figures usually have is low articulation. The design is pretty neat, although not particularly colorful or interesting.

If you’re a Godzilla or Xillian enthusiast, you could pick him up for cheap. Otherwise, this guy would make a great bit of fodder for Power Rangers collectors. He’s a good scale and he’s pretty cheap.

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  • PresidentJuggernaut says:

    I've seen one of these hanging around one of my LCS for a long time now, and even though this wasn't a particularly glowing review, I think I might pick him up now.

    I also save my tags from Japanese versions of Bandai monsters, though I snip them off the actual figures. They do usually have interesting graphics, and I think they're just kind of exotic compared to American packaging.

  • Yeah I usually snip them off too. Unless it's like a really rare guy. That said, I just didn't feel compelled in this instance. I dunno if it came across in the review or not, but I was kind of trying to say that this guy isn't a bad toy, he's just not something anyone should go out of their way to get. I think if you already have some interest in him, he'll be pretty cool. Especially if you get him for a decent price.

  • PresidentJuggernaut says:

    Well, that's what I got out of it anyway.

  • Excellent!

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