Rocketmen from the Moon
Back in 2009 I mentioned that there was a “Commando Cody” Rocketman figure in the works from the folks at Executive Replicas. That seems like ages ago and it was. I emailed them a year or two ago to see if there was anything more to come of it. Much to my surprise, they said it was still coming out… Eventually.

Well eventually is apparently here because Go Hero and Executive Replicas have officially announced the Rocketman figure. This is based on the character from the 1950’s Republic serials. Most notably, King of the Rocket Men. The character also appeared in Commando Cody: Sky Marshall of the Universe, Radar Men from the Moon and Zombies of the Stratosphere.

Go Hero Rocketman

Underneath the helmet is George Wallace, who only played the Rocketman in the Radar Men from the Moon serial. Whether there were likeness or copyright issues that caused this name change or the fact that none of the films are mentioned by Go Hero, is beyond me. I’m just glad it’s finally coming out.

The figure is loaded to the gills with extras, including the ray gun cannon and a small version of the rocket ship that appeared in some of the serials. Almost everything in the set is metal. This is a nice bonus and helps add to the “high end” nature of this product. Unfortunately, it also comes at a cost. $260 is the retail on this bad boy when preorders come out in the weeks ahead.

Commando Cody Figure

I get that this is a very niche product, but I find the price to be about $100 more than realistically it’s worth. I’d much rather had a plastic helmet and no George Wallace sculpt if it could have shaved off a good portion of the price. Go Hero has had some pretty good success with their figures, but even a Rocketman lover like me is feeling a bit of sticker shock. Still, it looks like an excellent collector’s piece.

Let’s hope they do the Republic Volkite Robot next!

5 Responses to Go Hero Announces Rocketman Figure

  • I totally agree on the high price mark, but it does look really good with a slew of extras, but even the love of the design and character I couldn’t shell out the money for it myself. But thanks for the update on it.

  • Monte says:

    I would love love love to have this figure, despite knowing nothing about the character, just as I would love love love to have Go Hero’s Buck Rogers figure. Alas, I cannot afford it.

  • Monte says:

    Important Update!

    …I forgot to mention, I also want their Shadow.

    Hell, I don’t even feel a need to own these things; I just want to photograph them!

  • admin says:

    Wow. Although, I think I would rather have Tristram Coffin under the helmet.

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