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Gigan (Final Wars Version)
11 Inch Scale
By: Bandai Creation

Gigan has always been my brother’s favorite Kaiju and in recent years it’s become apparent that Gigan is very popular to many in the Godzilla fandom. I’m not sure if it’s because he showed up a lot during the Showa series, sometimes at random, or because of his unique look, but he’s quite popular. It might also help that poor Gigan was never reinvented during the Heisei series, so when he was announced for Final Wars, fans were very excited. The Final Wars version of Gigan serves as essentially the #2 villain in the film and he’s Gigan taken up to the 100th power.

Long ago, Gigan once fought Mothra for the fate of the Earth and ultimately was defeated by Mothra. Years later his sarcophagus is discovered and analyzed by the human, but is suddenly revealed to be a weapon used by the Xiliens too. Gigan awakens and causes havoc and destruction in Japan, but is then sent to destroy the Gotengo in hopes of not awakening Godzilla. Although Gigan does manage to bring down the Gotengo (temporarily,) Gigan then faces off against Godzilla.

Of all the figures to make into the 12 inch deluxe line, Bandai chose Gigan. It’s a good decision, as Gigan has a really cool look that makes him scream from the toy shelves. He’s a recent character too, so that may be part of the reason he was selected to be the third entry into the series. Whatever the case may be, I’m glad to have a huge Gigan. Let’s break him down, shall we?

On the surface this package appears the same as the other two figures in the 12 inch line, but there are some subtle changes. Before I address those, however, I wanted to point out that Gigan’s head actually appears on the front of the package. The strange thing is that I could almost swear that’s Showa Gigan on the package. It’s a grainy photo and little hard to tell, but it doesn’t look like Millennium Gigan to me.

Gigan looks big and once again, the muted colors of the package help the reds and blues on Gigan pop out. I don’t see this guy on the toy shelf long when he shows up, but he’s easy to spot. Even though I love classic Gigan, this guy is appropriately bad ass.

The back of the package shows a completely new design, not with all three large 12 inch figures. It also shows off the newest 6 inch offerings, which include a re-release and a new version of “original” Godzilla. That sculpt seems to be channeling a bit of Godzilla from “Raids Again”, actually.

There is one other small piece of packaging. It’s a simple plastic baggie taped around the end of the tail. I can only presume this is to prevent it from rubbing against the leg and thigh and causing paint rub.

If you’ve never seen Final Wars, simply know that Gigan is completely redesigned and yet is unmistakably Gigan. The sculpt here is incredible, capturing every detail on the creature from head to toe. It’s almost a shocker to see that this is still a Bandai vinyl we’re talking about here.

The beack is there with all it’s evil teeth glaring and ready to gnaw away. The rich texturing on the sculpt itself is really unparalleled. It’s just the bee’s knees.

While the other two figures had minimal pain applications, the paint is really what makes Gigan stand out. He’s been covered in a dark blue metallic paint, with a sharp bright red to contrast. There also appears to be a bit of a purple hue on parts of him and I’m not sure if that’s an additional paint ap or just a reflection produced by the metallic element.

Lots of little details are sculpted throughout the body. Some are painted, like his spikes at various points. While it appears as though others are completely separate pieces cast in a similar colored vinyl. Such as the claws.

In the film there are two versions of Gigan, his first appearance which is like this and a second, later appearance where he has chainsaw hands.

As much as I liked the chainsaw gimmick, I’m glad we got the regular claw hands here. It’s more classic style Gigan, even if this isn’t classic Gigan.

The only nitpick I have is with the fins in the back. These “wing-fins” can warp a bit. As you can see, mine is a little curved to one side. Of course that happened to Showa Gigan’s costume at times too, so it’s not the end of the world. I suppose I could straighten it out, but I’m far too lazy.

Thankfully Gigan is fully articulated, unlike Mecha-Godzilla who lacked leg cuts. Gigan has cuts at the neck, legs and arms. He has a cut at the tail, but because of the tail’s spikes… You can’t turn it at all. I suppose you could pop the joint out a bit, but that might cause issues.

A few more tail joints would be nice, since his tail is essentially static… BUT, we do get wrist swivels, allowing a variety of positions for his claw hands. If I had to chose between tail joints of wrist joints, I’m taking the wrists for Gigan.

This amps up his posing opportunities quite a bit.

I’m really thrilled about the return of the leg cuts, even if it is essentially a V-crotch. I do find that one leg is a little wonky though in the way that it’s shaped. It feels like Gigan has to be arched over and even the cut joints on the leg don’t seem to help.

In a nutshell, articulation is better than Mecha-Godzilla but still not quite perfect.

Gigan lacks accessories, but makes up for it by being doubling as a wiz-o-matic kitchen utensil. It slices, it dices, it even makes JULIENNED FRIES!

Gigan is a lot harder to track down than the other two. If you can find him at TRU, he costs just as much at $17.99, and that’s great. Gigan has more paint and detail than either of the other two figures in the series. If you have kids who love Godzilla, you really owe it to them to get these guys and go the extra mile to track down Gigan. He’s worth it.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 8
Accessories – N/A
Value – 9
Overall – 8.5 out of 10

I’m bumping Gigan back up to an 8 and a half. He’s not quite “near perfect” enough to be a 9, but he’s damn close. If he could stand up a little straighter and didn’t have that warped fin, I’d give him the full 9. Even so, he’s easily the best and most detailed figure in this series so far. I didn’t love the Final Wars design of Gigan, but I do enjoy seeing it displayed on my self… AKA smashing around on my carpet fighting Godzilla. Japanese Monster Week will continue through Friday of this week, because the monsters keep attacking. So stay tuned for more!

7 Responses to Gigan Final Wars 12 Inch Figure Review

  • CompyRex says:

    Nice review. I have the smaller Final Wars Gigan (pity I never found the normal Gigan from wave 1…). But this, with it's open mouth and articulation, I may have to buy it.

  • Trevor says:

    I definitely need to get this guy. Loving Japanese Monster Week so far. Great review too, Gigan has always been a cool baddie

  • Sean Grey Hanson says:

    This reminds me one of the Power Ranger’s enemies. 😀 I watch reruns of it.

  • Thanks. It's definitely not a bad buy if you can find it.

  • Much appreciated. I've had a hectic week and a half, so Japanese Monster Week has sort of stretched into Japanese Monster Weeks… But that's okay. I want to get to everything and I didn't have anything big planned for the Thanksgiving week anyway.

  • series209 says:

    I love Gigan, but passed on thi guy. I didn't feel I needed a giant one, until I read that he has swivel wrists. That adds a level of playability that might have won me over. Almost makes up for the static hips on MechaG

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I didn't like him when I saw him in the movie but the toy is kinda warming up to me….But I want the chainsaw hands better!

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