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Being that I’m just about the biggest Godzilla fan there is, it was a very easy purchase for me when I saw the Jakks Pacific Giant Size Godzilla at Toys R Us last weekend. The figure isn’t supposed to hit shelves for another couple of weeks, but certain TRUs are putting them out early. These guys are so big that there wasn’t any shelf space for them at the Toys R Us I found them at. They simply had them stacked on the floor. I suspect the size is a big part of why they’re on the floor instead of hidden in the back.

Warner Brothers Godzilla
This guy is HUGE! You’ll immediately notice that when you see the box in store. Given that only a handful of Godzilla pictures have surfaced from the upcoming Godzilla film, this figure is the first real look at the monster. At over 2 foot tall, this Godzilla immediately reminded me of the Shogun Warriors Godzilla from when I was a kid. That thing seemed ginormous back then. This figure is actually BIGGER than the old Shogun Godzilla. In fact, this Godzilla is even bigger than the Trendmasters 1998 Ultimate Godzilla toy.

Giant Godzilla
Which if my math is correct, makes this the biggest Godzilla action figure released in the United States. That’s no small feat. Pardon the pun.

Although its certainly not designed for collectors, the box that this guy comes in is pretty impressive. The box is huge and has an open window. Unfortunately this also means that kids can grab on it. Given that the plastic is a bit fragile, it might be a good idea to make sure your Godzilla isn’t broken. The only other one of these at my local TRU had a broken hand.

The design of the package is nice enough, though. There’s a great photo of Big G right on the front and it looks pretty fierce.

The side has some cool art as well.

The back has some basic info and gives the dimensions. It also shows a small child with Godzilla, just to give you a bit of an idea of how big this thing is. He doesn’t come fully assembled in the box, so this is a good idea.

Godzilla is only strapped in with a few paper ties and some egg carton like packing material. It’s not too hard to get him free. I should note that the background of the smoking metropolis is pretty striking. It’s a nice looking box overall.

It’s hard to compare this sculpt to anything, when this is the clearest look at Godzilla that we’ve gotten. That said, I think from the snippets we’ve seen and the artwork included on this package, that it’s safe to say this is a pretty solid sculpt. It definitely looks like how we expect Legendary’s Godzilla to turn out.

Legendary Godzilla Review
The face has a fair amount of detail and it’s probably the most striking area of the figure. It’s interesting to note that after decades of having a “cat nose”, Godzilla appears to have a dog nose now. The head sculpt is surprisingly similar to the 1998 Sony Godzilla, to be honest. You can see some influence from the Toho Godzilla, but it definitely has some Gino in there too.

The paint is almost non-existent, with just a light wash of copper color on his chest. He has some paint on his handful of teeth (what’s with that?) and his tongue and eyes. But for the most part, this guy is sculpted in a charcoal/olive color and that’s it.

The tail attaches in a couple of different sections. I like the way it locks into place and it can be easily removed. You can’t pose it a lot because of that, but this isn’t much of a posing toy. It’s also worth noting that there is a vacant batter compartment here and slits for a speaker in the crotch area. This figure doesn’t make any noise, but obviously it was sculpted at one time to be an electronic toy.


Speaking of the tail… It’s huge. Bigger than the figure itself. Here it is with the Bandai Final Wars Godzilla. Even the smallest section is bigger than the Bandai Godzilla.

There’s some decent detail on the sculpt itself. Although it’s definitely in the “toy” genre.

Screw holes are evident on the back and there’s some pretty sharp cuts throughout. This isn’t for glamor shots.

For a figure this big, there’s a surprising amount of articulation on Godzilla. Unfortunately not all of it is particularly useful.

For starters, Godzilla stands good on his own. He’s huge, but he’s mostly hollow and fairly stable. Even without the monstrous tail attached. With it on, it’s hard to knock this guy over. He has an opening and closing jaw, which I greatly appreciate.

He has a cut neck, cut arms, wrists, feet and tail. The arms don’t raise up very far though. He can’t lift them above midway.

The legs, which make up a huge portion of the figure, also don’t lift up very far. You’re seeing the full range of motion in this picture. No high kicks for Godzilla.

Of everything, the jaw has the best range of motion. The tail is segmented to “swing” but thankfully it’s not a wacky action. It’s just a hinge that’s a bit loose so you can wobble it back and forth. No harm, no foul. Not much range there either though.

At $50, you kind of want a figure to have accessories… But this guy is MASSIVE! His size is his accessory. Even my girlfriend commented how this guy was actually worth the money. Just because he was so big. Buy yourself a box of Hot Wheels and have this guy go to town.

Although he’s a bit on the expensive side, the value here isn’t bad. You’re buying this guy because he’s a huge Godzilla figure. Arguably the largest one available in the US. That means that it’s held to a slightly different standard than say the Figuarts Godzilla is. The plastic is a bit cheap and the figure feels fairly breakable.

That’s not to say it’s super fragile, but if you dropped him down the stairs… Something would break. Still I paid this much, if not more for a much smaller figure from Matty Collector, so I think the price is fair. $35 would have been perfect, though.

Godzilla full
Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 4
Articulation – 6
Accessories – N/A
Value – 9
Overall – 8 out of 10

This guy gets a pass almost entirely on his size. This is one big plastic toy for $50. He absolutely dwarfs all the other Godzillas in my collection. As a figure for playing, he could definitely be better, but he’s so big that kids won’t care and grown ass men like myself won’t either. This is the kind of Godzilla toy I always wanted as a kid. Perfect for stomping small cardboard cities and toy tanks. You can’t go wrong with that.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the Godzilla design itself. It’s definitely Godzilla, but it doesn’t knock my socks off either. Still, it’s world’s better than Zilla, so I am just thankful for that.

This figure is a lot of fun and I don’t feel bad about purchasing it. I’m sure in a few years it’ll be worth a fortune, as all big Godzila figures tend to be.

It’s an exciting time to be a Godzilla fan, with lots of new merchandise about to hit the shelves. Expect a lot of Godzilla reviews here, as usual. Don’t forget to check out many of our past Godzilla and other giant monster toy reviews and expect updated photos of this guy eventually as well.

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  • Bobby says:

    Thanks for the review Newton. I’ve not seen this one yet. Here’e hoping for a classic Big G release in this size. Not really looking forward to the new movie. But, for the money, you can’t beat this new figure.

    • Newton says:

      It would be really awesome if we got some classic characters in this size. I dunno what Jakks license allows them to do.

  • clark says:

    I really like the new design. Thanks for the review. This particular figure is not for me, but I’ll be keeping my eyes out for smaller versions.

  • Monte says:

    Thanks for including that comparison shot with the Rancor. That gives me the best sense of Godzilla’s height.

    I have never seen a Godzilla movie and I have no interest in the character, so I want this figure just to serve as a background monster in photos. Hell, I want the giant figure from the maligned late-’90s film. If it’s a bigass monster, I’m in!

    • Newton says:

      You’ve never seen a Godzilla movie? You poor, poor man. Check out GMK: All Monsters Attack. You might like that one.

      And no problem. I tried to include a few “big” figures so people got an idea of the size.

  • JASoN says:


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