Hasbro deserves some serious credit with their Rise of Cobra line. Although it hasn’t probably sold as well as it could have due to some early case packout issues, the line has been quite successful. Perhaps moreso than it’s success at retail is that it also succeeded in drawing me into buying a lot of crap that I have no nostalgic interest in and characters I otherwise would have dismissed. Take the recent Target Exclusive Rescue Mission four pack that I’m reviewing today. Two years ago if you’d told me I’d be buying my 500th Snake-Eyes, Duke and two Neo-Vipers from the Movie line, I’d probably said you were nuts. After all I originally intended on buying zero of these Rise of Cobra figures. Instead I find myself sucked in and loving it.

This set is currently on clearance at most Target stores nationwide and if you want to save yourself some reading, go buy this set now. If you’re interested in why I think this is such a great set, please read on.

For starters you get hands down the best “movie” version of Snake Eyes to date. Considering how many Snake Eyes figures have been made in the last few months since the summer blockbuster hit, that’s a pretty bold statement. Not only is this the best of the movie versions, it’s one of the nicest version of Snake Eyes ever! This Snake Eyes alone is almost worth the clearance price tag, but there is so much more here to enjoy.

Packages are only as interesting as your enjoyment of packages can be. If you’re like me, this is largely just an obstacle in your way of getting to your toys. That said, I have come to respect and admire the designs of many packages through the years. This features the same deco that most of the GI Joe ROC stuff does but the dynamic styling inside is quite nice.

Everyone is posed in a battle and you can feel this scene popping right out at you. Everyone is on display nicely, except Snake Eyes who is almost hidden in the back. That’s great since he’s a ninja, but it seriously hinders one of the best selling points of this pack… Resolute Snake Eyes in ALL black with a better head.

The back tells a bit about the story here and it’s supposed to be recreating a scene sort of from the movie when Duke was captured and Snake Eyes comes to the rescue. Nothing fancy, but it works. Sadly there are plenty of rubber bands and tape holding these guys in so you really do have to “rescue” them to get them free.

Be sure to lookout on the underneath as there’s stands and extra weapons on the bottom. DON’T TOSS THOSE OUT!

I’ll be honest and say I’m a bit lazy when it comes to breaking down GI Joe articulation. I’ve ran it all down before and if you don’t know what the articulation is by now you probably have been living under a rock. Suffice to say, there is more than enough articulation here to have a lot of fun with it.

Double knees, ball joint ankles, cuts and joints about. It’s great for posing and for setting up battle scenes. Everyone stands fairly well too, but with the backpacks that can be a bit more of a chore.

One of my Neo-Vipers has a bit of a loose knee, but I’m not sure if that was just luck of the draw or if it should be attributed to the rubber bands that held him into place. The dynamic posing in the package might have also had something to do with it.

Two of these figures share the same sculpt as they’re army builders, while the other two are built off entirely preexisting parts. Yet this turns out to be such a stellar set. That’s because Hasbro has become more than proficient through the years at adapting parts to be “new”.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Duke and Channing Tatum’s nearly wooden portrayal of him in Rise of Cobra did little to change that. However, Hasbro deserves some serious props for this head sculpt as it looks like a Witch Doctor shrunk his head down to 3 3/4 size. It’s really well done, not just for this scale, but for any scale.

The Neo-Viper remains my favorite “viper” design from the movie and apparently it’s also a favorite at Hasbro as this is the body they keep repainting. This time he’s a metallic blue color with a silver and gray wash in the normal areas. This is one of the more logical paint schemes thus far as it fits in with the Cobra motif, though it’s a tad boring.

Don’t let the camera’s flash fool you, this Snake Eyes is black. I mean dark black. Ron Killings black. The flash gives him a light gray tint, but I assure you that’s an optical illusion. The great thing about this figure is that the dark black color scheme well represents how he appeared in the film and without someone telling you that this was the Resolute Snake Eyes body, you probably wouldn’t even notice it. He also has the vastly superior “no lips” Paris Pursuit head. This is just a great Snake Eyes all around. One of my favorites since the 25th Generation 3 era started.

The sculpts are all top notch, the paint work is incredible across the board with literally only a tiny amount of slop on Duke. The one area I would complain is that a few of the hands are a bit too tightly clasped together and it takes some time to get the figures to hold some of their weapons.

Speaking of weapons… My god.

Look at all that. It’s stuff like this which makes Mattel look like an embarrassment when their competing multi-packs (of anything) include only a couple of accessories. Hasbro included the full gamut of accessories for each figure, something they certainly didn’t have to do given that this is a multi-pack AND a store exclusive.

Although the giant rocket launchers are generally pretty stupid, these don’t look terrible and the one that shoots the zipcord is quite cool.

Snake Eyes even gets his ninja traction boot things.

Additional Notes:
GI Joe continues to be the best pound for pound toy line out there today. Say what you want about anything else Hasbro has done, they are just continually BRINGING IT when it comes to GI Joe.

As I mentioned before, the Channing Tatum Duke didn’t appeal much to me. However this figure is so generic that he would work great as a SHIELD agent, a background Joe, or you could just pop his head off and make anyone else fit into this body as a generic ROC style figure.

Value is something I always say is subjective, but in today’s market I think even the sharpest critics would admit this set is a great value at $20. The fact that you can get these on clearance for HALF that, blows the mind. This set is great for kids and even for collectors. If you’ve thought even the least bit about getting into GI Joe, this is as good of a starting place as any.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Too much to list
Value – 10
Overall – 9 out of 10

This scores the coveted 9 out 10 and could easily be a 10 out of 10 in some circles. I really don’t have any complaints about anything in this package. I’m not a huge fan of Duke, but this is still a fine figure. I don’t really need any more Neo-Vipers, but they’re still good army builders.

There’s no doubt that Snake Eyes is the star of the show here, but he’s not the only reason to get this set. This is a solid set and the inclusion of such a great version of Snake Eyes just cements this as a must have.

6 Responses to GI Joe ROC: Target Rescue Mission Review

  • Wes says:

    I just picked up this set for $4.98… now THAT's a value! I would've paid more than that for Resolute Snake Eyes alone, but now that you've pointed out that they've got the same body I think I'll pass.

    Great review, Newt! 🙂

  • I was able to pick up a spare tonight at that price as well. Incredible deal.

  • clark says:

    I have seen several of these on clearance at every target I've gone to, but the apparent lack of accessories has kept me from buying it. However, right after reading your review I ran to the Target across the street to find that….they are all gone. I'll be checking more locations throughout the week and see what happens. Hopefully I'll find one at that $4.98 price, all I've seen so far were $9.48.

  • Yeah there's a ton of accessories.

  • clark says:

    Well, two days and five more Targets later….nothing. I guess they've either all been sold in my area or each Target decided to ship them off somewhere.

  • My guess is they sold out. When they got marked done to $5 they disappeared QUICK! I lucked into the one I found for $5.

    One of my Targets had about 15 of them one day and then I guess they marked them down again and they disappeared. Which is understandable, for $5 this was an even more incredible deal.

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