When it comes to reviews you’ll probably get tired of hearing me say this, but I don’t have a lot of confidence that the new GI Joe: Rise of Cobra movie is going to be any good. So much so that I like many collectors of the current GI Joe Generation 3 or 25th Anniversary style figures, planned on skipping 99% of the line. It wasn’t necessarily in protest of the new film, but moreso, I don’t consider Marlon Wayans a necessity in my GI Joe collection.

To make matters worse, many fans felt as though Hasbro was screwing them as they decided to put the 25th style figures on hiatus for these new Rise of Cobra figures. So instead of highly requested figures like Dr. Mindbender and Outback, we get that kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun. But alas, Hasbro has found a happy medium by not only releasing some special 25th style stuff to the fans through the internet but have managed to make some really excellent figures for the Rise of Cobra movie. No matter what the movie turns out like, Hasbro has to be applauded for making some great movie toys and converting a ton of Joe fans who were originally planning on skipping this line altogether.

Which brings us to today’s review, Sgt. Stone. Who is Sgt. Stone you ask? Well that’s a good question. He doesn’t appear to be in the new movie, although he could be a background character. The artwork on the front shows off a pretty generic looking Alex Ross-ish person, in that he’s drawn to look like a real person but obviously isn’t.

What makes Stone unique isn’t that he doesn’t have a movie counterpart as Hasbro are making a lot of figures that aren’t in the film, but that no person under the name Sgt. Stone exists in the Joe mythos. Making this the first real “new” character in some time. There are a few other Stones in the Joe world though, as Lt. Stone was both in GI Joe Extreme and GI Joe Sigma 6. Is this the same character? It’s hard to say as those Stones were never given first names.

He does bare a resemblance to the Sigma 6 character, but that figure was a master of disguise with bionic implants and a eye patch. The GI Joe Extreme was a blonde dude with a buzz cut who looks like Duke. Who knows when it comes to GI Joe because Hawk originally looked like Duke. Speaking of General Hawk, in the film he looks a lot like Flint, which also means he looks a lot like this guy. Sgt. Stone has a Flint/Hawk style body with Flint’s patented beret. However with Hawk looking like Flint in the new film, this guy is one confusing MOFO!

The GI Joe Generation 3 or 25th Anniversary packaging is the most awesome packaging ever created. Why? Because it’s a moderate update to the classic GI Joe packaging. These new movie figures have a completely different packaging. Is that good or bad? Well, the pros is that it does look like a movie toy. Of course that could be considered a con too, depending on how you look at it.

The artwork is fresh if not a little dark and the package isn’t too cluttered. It’s similar to the Marvel Universe packaging in a lot of ways actually. The back of the package covers the basic GI Joe story and includes a cool filecard. The one issue I’d take with it is that the filecard is in a completely new style. For the most part the GI Joe filecards have always looked the same, so while these new cards do include some cool new twists like the thumb print, I think most hardcore Joe fans would have preferred the basic cards.

I should also mention that while the back of the package does show off some of the other figures available, it does so via artwork that sort of exposes which characters had a real person play them and which ones didn’t. For the most part those that aren’t based on a real person actually look better. It’s a minor complaint and the package is nice overall. The figure is barely preposed inside giving a nice balance between MOC collectors and openers. Only one rubberband holds him in, be sure to just cut that before getting him out.

These guys are made from the exact same style (and in many cases parts) as the modern era GI Joe figures, meaning if you own a modern GI Joe from the 25th and beyond, you know what level of articulation you’ll be getting here. I’ll try to count the points though for those that need to know that sort of thing.

We start with a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders in a disc/post style, the same sort of ball joint on the elbows but this allows for swivel arm battle grip, swivel wrists, ball jointed torso, the standard Joe T-bar ball joint hips that they’ve been using since 1982, double hinge knees, and ball jointed disc/post style ankles.

Some folks would probably like to see Joe move to add thigh swivels, but I think it’d be wasted. There is something about GI Joe articulation to me that is perfect. Thankfully these ROC figures don’t try to reinvent the wheel but keep up the nice style we’ve grown accustom to the last few years.

If I told you this figure was Flint, you’d agree with me. Ultimately the face is a bit bland and could easily be Flint. As anyone who collected Joes in early 2000 or what I call the Valor versus Venom era (Although there were several phases) then you know that many times Joes didn’t necessarily look like they used to. In that sense this figure fits in and could be Flint. If you want this guy to look like Flint from the comics and cartoon however, he doesn’t.

International battle of funny hats!

Naturally there is a good reason for that, since this guy ISN’T Flint. He’s just some dude. Apparently a new dude. His bio gives him a bit of a drill instructor role within the Joe units. His body is a mismash of parts that I can’t tell you what all is new or old. I know that his top torso piece comes from Duke/Flint but what else is reuses I really don’t know. He does appear to have new forearms because they don’t have the “Popeye” effect that was so popular for a while. I would imagine this could lead to many customizers buying him just for his lower arms.

His vest is removeable and unsnaps with a breeze. What I particularly like is that it snaps back on well too which at this scale and considering it’s made of soft rubber is quite a feat. He looks good with or without it. I know I may be picking up a few of these guys just for the body.

I have no real issues with paint. His face skin color is slightly different than his neck but it’s pretty minor. Mine has a tad bit of slop on his neck but it’s really crisp otherwise. Particularly the blue camo on his pants. I don’t care for the blue camo look so much, but it is well done on this figure. He has a couple of tiny Joe (movie version) sigils on his outfit that look impeccable at this scale.

Sgt. Stone joins the ranks!

For those curious about scale, he is the exact same scale as the 25th era stuff. He actually seems to fit in well with all eras. He’s a bit tall for vintage, but you could fudge him in. He works well with the Valor versus Venom style figures as well as plenty of other modern 3 3/4 lines like Indiana Jones, Marvel and such.

You really don’t realize how much of a ripoff the Marvel Universe, DC Infinite Heroes or practically any figure at this scale is until you get one of these guys open and look at all the accessories. This guy comes loaded to the gills with junk. GI Joes have always been the masters of accessories but these new movie figures really raise the bar.

For starters he comes with a nice pistol cast in gray, a small switchblade that is one of the smaller weapons I’ve seen at this size, a strange “machine gun” for lack of a better term, his vest, a new style dogtag stand and a big honkin’ firing bazooka/missile launcher.

The missile launcher bazooka things come with all the figures as a throwback to the 1990’s when these awful things first invaded the GI Joe lines. However Sgt. Stone is probably the best of the bunch because his missile launcher thing comes with a little stand and even a little cable and remote control. So despite it generally being a silly accessory it actually works here.

It’s not really an accessory persay, but he does come with a nice fold out poster of the new Cobra Night Raven which doubles as a toy flier on the back. GI Joe used to do this back in the day and I certainly applaud them for bringing it back. The poster actually looks pretty good too and the ad shows off a wide variety of Joe movie products.

Additional Notes:
One of the things I’m hearing over and over again is how fans of GI Joe originally weren’t going to be buying these guys, but now they are. I fall into that camp as well. While I’m probably still going to cherry pick what I want, I’m definitely in for a lot more Rise of Cobra figures than I ever originally planned. Hasbro has succeeded in winning me over with more awesome GI Joe goodness.

Hasbro wants you to buy all this…

When the GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures first came around, they were incredibly still under $5! They had several quick price hikes because of the rising cost of oil but have settled at $6.99 for quite some time. These new movie figures are $6.99 at Target although other stores have them at $7.99… At $6.99 they are hands down the best value currently available in mass market toys. At $7.99 they probably are too, but it’s not as good of a value for the extra buck.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Pistol, Knife, Missile Launcher, Vest, Machine Gun
Value – 9
Overall – 9 out of 10

The character is undefined as is the sort of generic sculpt of the figure. However, this figure rises above by being superior in his generality. He fits in well with modern figures and could easily be made into about 20-30 different custom GI Joes. His insane amount of actually useful accessories helps to push him into being one of the best reviewed figures I’ve done in some time.

3 3/4… The scale of choice!

If you’ve been on the fence about the new GI Joe: Rise of Cobra figures, I suggest you pick some up. Sgt. Stone wouldn’t be a bad place to start at all. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Just remember to shop around.

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3 Responses to GI Joe ROC: Sgt. Stone Figure Review

  • Anonymous says:

    I AM SCI-FI from ToyNewsI, here.

    You said: ~ “He doesn’t appear to be in the new movie, although he could be a background character. The artwork on the front shows off a pretty generic looking Alex Ross-ish person, in that he’s drawn to look like a real person but obviously isn’t.

    What makes Stone unique isn’t that he doesn’t have a movie counterpart as Hasbro are making a lot of figures that aren’t in the film,…” ~

    As far as can be reasoned, Sgt. Stone is in the movie and he is the character being played by Brendan Fraser.
    Old video, but combined with new information his character is revealed:

    Brendan Fraser says: ~ “I just costumed myself with a beret, pistols and I said I need some kind of rank.
    … And I got to be the Sgt. who decides if the Joes are in or not.” ~

    The only figure that matches his description from the toyline is Sgt. Stone:



    Yes, this character seems to be different than Lt. Stone from Sigma Six.

  • Thanks for that. He very well could be Frasier’s role in the movie. Although I did mention that he might be a background character (which is what his cameo is supposed to be) but I guess we’ll have to see the movie to be sure.

    I haven’t read any spoilers yet, so it might be him.

    For what it’s worth the likeness doesn’t really look at all like Brendan Frasier, but that could be because they didn’t want to pay for his rights since he’s such a minor character.

    Either way, I’m still probably reimagining this guy to have ties to the other two Lt. Stone characters.

  • Nightmare says:

    I just got this fig today, and I think he DOES have Popeye arms! lol

    I’m disappointed it doesn’t look like Brendan Fraser, I like him like the big doofus he is like the guy who played David Puddy on Seinfeld.

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