So while the bigger sites are enjoying their FREE press kit packages full of Joe toys (Come on Hasbro, throw me a bone here, hits have doubled this week!), us the grunts out in the field continue to tough it out the old fashioned way. By buying Hasbro’s product. Not that I can complain, because the product has been great thus far.

When it comes to Snake Eyes I really didn’t plan on getting a single movie version. For a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I don’t care much for the movie design. No, the mouth doesn’t really bother me. I just find the movie Snake Eyes to be oddly proportioned with his large vinyl torso and baggy pants. The other reason I didn’t plan on buying any Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes figures is rather simple, I have tons of Snake Eyes figures. Remember when I said I had about 30 Destros. I don’t even want to know how many Snake Eyes figures I have… It’s a LOT and I’m not even a big fan of Snake Eyes. I’m guessing close to 100.

So why am I doing a review of a Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes figure? This one really drew me in. So much so that it actually bumped today’s original review (Sorry Shipwreck!)… This is the Target Exclusive Snake Eyes with Arashikage Cycle. Basically Target has a bunch of repaints packed with various small vehicles. As you may recall, I reported on the SNAKE coming out later in these same sets of figures.

Snake Eyes isn’t even the figure of these sets I wanted the most. I picked up Grand Slam, the Eel and Snakes here. I almost passed on this guy. But something was calling me to him. What was it?

The package is a brand new package for me to review. It’s a slightly angled box and if you’re a MOC colelctor you’ll like this one. You can hang it via the tab or simply leave it to stand up. On the front it has a picture of Snake Eyes with the vehicle and Snake Eyes displayed nicely inside. The vehicle is the Arashikage cycle and it certainly looks cool through the package.

The back has Snake Eyes file card if you want to cut it out. A nice touch as a nod to the old line in which you always had to do that. Since this is my first movie Snake Eyes (And likely the only one except possibly weather themed variants) I learned that he also does not include a thumbprint on his dossier. I know you guys are probably tired of me talking about these thumbprints, but I’m keeping tabs on them. Since Snake Eyes is so classified, it makes sense that this info wouldn’t be available either.

The package is pretty easily opened and also easily resealed. That’s pretty cool if you want to put him back in the box. Inside he does have a couple of rubber bands holding him in and I just advise you cut them or else you might warp the figure trying to get him out.

This figure uses parts entirely from the 25th Anniversary line, thus it has all the same points of articulation. Not that the Rise of Cobra figures sport any new articulation either, but it’s worth noting. He has a ball jointed head, ball shoulders, ball elbows, swivel wrist, torso joint ball, t-bar ball legs, double knees and ball ankles.

If you need to get Snake Eyes into a pose, I imagine he’ll be able to get into it. The one area where he does suffer is that he technically can’t ride the motorcycle and look straight forward, but that’s really nitpicking. The cycle itself doesn’t really have any articulation except for the kickstand which actually works. Very cool.

So what drew me into this figure? I really like my Snake Eyes to be a bit more commando than ninja. Not that I want him to lose his ninja roots because despite what anyone else tells you, Snake Eyes has pretty much always been a ninja. It just used to be that his commando heritage was more front and center. Now it’s all fancy kung-fu kicks and less Uzi firing. This figure is in my mind, the perfect combination of the two.

My one kinda blurry pic…

This figure uses the new Version 37 head of Snake Eyes. This head first appeared in the Pyramid of Darkness DVD packs and is also used in Version 40. The head is based off the Version 2 figure released way back in 1985. Seeing as how Snake Eyes has well over 50 figures to his name in just the 3 3/4 line alone it’s hard to keep track of all the parts and what inspired what. The head is cast entirely in black this time, with the visor not even being painted with anything other than a gloss. It really stands out to me and it just screams Snake Eyes in every way.

His body is parts of the Version 28 buck although the arms come from the DVD pack or Hall of Heroes version again. He also has completely different legs. I can’t tell who the legs are from, but they aren’t the original legs. He has the web gear around the waist and grenade strap of the Pyramid of Darkness DVD pack. Hasbro has made so many Snake Eyes but I’m pretty sure that this version has never been released before. Some reports are inaccurately saying this is just the DVD pack head on the Version 28 body and that’s just not true. It’s a odd mix and match of parts that may have combined to create my favorite Snake Eyes yet.

The one drawback would be that his legs are painted in the movie camouflage scheme. However it really fits Snake Eyes with soft blues and lot more gray. It reminds me a bit of the Snake Eyes versus the Red Ninjas pack in which he had green pants on. I like the two colored outfit as it makes him look all the more commando. If this Snake Eyes gets a release with solid black pants, he’ll be the best Snake Eyes yet. Because it weaves both the commando and ninja looks together so seamlessly.

The motorcycle is your typical Japanese style crotch rocket. It’s exactly what I’d picture Snake Eyes driving around in actually. I can see him in a scene similar to Kill Bill on this bike. I’m told that this cycle had several releases during the Valor versus Venom era, but as I never owned it, it’s completely new to me.

It looks sleek and he fits on it reasonably well. Again, you can pick it apart and say he doesn’t fit on it perfectly, but it’s a toy. He doesn’t have to be 100% realistic in how he rides it. The tires move nicely and the missile launching mechanism is very well hidden into the feature giving it not only form but function.

This figure comes pretty well equipped with accessories when you think about it. There are single carded figures who do come with more, but he’s still got plenty of stuff here. He has an Uzi which is his patented weapon since the dawn of time. I feel like this is a new sculpt as it doesn’t fit into his hands very well, but I’m too lazy to dig out my other versions and see if it’s the same.

He also has the Eagle Handle Falcata style sword that the last few Snake Eyes have come with. I only own a couple of these so I don’t mind getting another. The Arashikage symbol is sculpted on and is painted on both sides perfectly crisp. It really makes this weapon stand out. It’s not your typical ninja sword either, giving this Snake Eyes a bit more commando feel again.

Speak softly (or not at all) and carry a BIG sword.

Rounding things out are a nice dagger that’s painted well but is pretty plain. I believe it’s the same one he’s came with a few times but again don’t quote me on that. His stand and of course the Arashikage cycle. I’m not sure who names their motorcycle after their ninja clan, but if I’ve learned anything through the years it’s that ever since Silent Interlude the Arashikage clan has become increasingly tacky.

Although technically not accessories, it does come with some stickers to help decorate the motorcycle!

Additional Notes:
It seems that Hasbro has broken my will time and time again. I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy these figures. Then I said I’d just pick and choose. Then I swore that I wouldn’t get a Snake Eyes. But the Rise of Cobra line has turned into one of the best things to happen to GI Joe in some time. That’s a strong statement coming from me, a guy who truthfully thought we were in for a lot of bad toys.

Ready for action.

Here’s the kicker. This Target exclusive is $9.99! That’s right, you read that right. You get one of if not the best versions of Snake Eyes released ever and undoubtedly the best movie Snake Eyes to date, plus his full arsenal of weapons and a motorcycle to boot! It’s an incredible value. Considering that the Joes themselves can cost between $6.99-$7.99 you’re only paying a couple bucks more for a small vehicle. It certainly beats the value of the Bravo scale vehicles.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Arashikage Cycle, Uzi, Knife, Falcata Sword, Stand
Value – 9
Overall – 9 out of 10

One of my favorite Snake Eyes releases yet. I can’t say much higher praise than that. I still hope a plain version comes down the line without the movie camo but I definitely feel this one is worth picking up. I still have another day until I see the movie, but getting this new Snake Eyes has me at a fever pitch.

I should note that one of my Snake Eyes legs is ever so slightly warped from being in the package but it seems to be straightening out. I haven’t had too many issues with Hasbro’s Joes warping, but sometimes putting them into action poses in the package will do that.

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  • I thought the best look for this figure would be to knock off the top torso and meld it with the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes lower torso and legs. Now I have them both in hand I am not so sure it will work as they are two styles; cartoon and reality based.

  • I find the movie Snake Eyes to be more “cartoonish” than the ones based on the cartoons. Although I haven’t looked at the Paris Pursuit one too closely.

  • Anonymous says:

    The legs are from the DVD pack Dusty, which have been used on several figures including the PITT commando.

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