G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was tops on the DVD and Blu-Ray charts this week. The film sold 3.8 million discs in North America, with 500,000 of them on Blu-ray. That makes the film the third biggest DVD release this year, only behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Twilight. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has also made $150.2 million in theaters domestically.

Although a sequel was already announced, this good performance of the DVD pretty much guarntees that the sequel will come. I enjoyed Rise of Cobra as I said in my review back in August when I reviewed it. It was far from perfect, but I’d love to see this world explored a bit more. Especially since it seems to have revived GI Joe in a whole new way. As with Transformers, I’d expect the sequel to actually do better than the first movie.

A lot of folks who might skip a movie first time (and remember Joe had a lot of bad early hype thanks to some nasty made up rumors) might catch it on DVD and would be more likely to see a sequel in theatres. Here’s hoping some more Joe news is on the forefront. Hasbro has to be pleased having two of the highest selling DVDs this year.

2 Responses to GI Joe: Rise of DVD Sales

  • wharcraff says:

    I knew it would perform well regardless of what naysayers said. The balance between the social interaction between the characters,the cool tech and the politically tinged plot of trying to take over a world power was there. Now that the origin story is done which in a since creates a rivalry between Duke and Cobra based on pass wrongs, they can do so much things with that to up the drama while the action is exploding off the screens.

  • buck says:

    This has to be The Worst movie i have seen of all time, period. What could have been a great military war based on the cool 80's cartoons was instead a parody of itself. I felt like i was watching Team America World Police, only with humans, with no comedy and trying to be serious.
    The dialogue was horrible, the acting was really bad, the plot was very mindless, not even the action scenes or the cgi makes this a good movie, I am a Geek, and the type of person who always defends comic book movies, I loved daredevil, the punisher, movies that people just didnt like. But this was just the worst, and is doing so well, i just dont understand why people like this so much, it was so campy and cheesy and over the top

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