In an attempt to add more to this site than just toy reviews and hopefully find myself updating more I’ll be going back to talking about a wide variety of things. Of course, never fear, there will be more toy goodness to come too.

First up is the new GI Joe cartoon movie named GI Joe: Resolute. This is an “adult” cartoon and will be shown on Adult Swim in it’s entirety soon. However the first half is being shown online in 5 minute intervals for the next week or so.

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The cartoon was created to redesign the brand and basically give fans an alternative to the God awful summer blockbuster GI Joe movie that’s coming out in a few months. If you know anything about GI Joe, you’ll know that the movie looks dreadful and Hasbro seems to know this, so they’re trying to tide “true” Joe fans over in the interim.

Let’s face it, we’re in for a long few months of everything GI Joe becoming about that awful movie (Which I due hope has some redeeming value, but I doubt it) and Hasbro knows that injecting shit into the veins of the brand could be lethal. So this is an attempt to counter balance that impending shitfest.

Does it work?

Yes and no. The cartoon is slick, if not a little too Anime infused. I miss the old days of American animation. Even though American animation usually sucked, it still had a charm. Or maybe things were just drawn rounder? Anyway… MY FULL REVIEW BLOW! SPOILERS!

PART 1: was interesting because they tried to set up the story. But it seemed very rushed. Bouncing back and fourth between locales. They also kill off their first major character before it even officially starts! We see some blood, but I think killing Major Bludd off screen in the first act is a bit much. Still, I get that they’re trying to create some drama. The rest of the episode is pretty sluggish as we’re forced some story and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Cobra Commander does appear and gives a hokey rant about how he’s going to blow up the world if we don’t give him all the money or some BS… It reeked of 1987 GI Joe which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but not really a good thing either. He then destroys Moscow and kills everyone in it. OH… EDGY!

Seemed too rushed to set up the plot and all the killing of name characters off screen seemed forced to try to make it “edgy”. Oh look anyone can die and most of them will die without ever being on screen… My other complaint would be Cobra Commander’s voice. The original Cobra Commander had a distinct voice provided by the late Chris Latta. Since that time every other Cobra Commander has had someone do a voice similar to that. In this show they opted to try a new style voice on him.A very generic bad guy voice. I’m not saying they shoulda done someone with a Latta impersonation, but if you’re going to try and be original by giving him a different sounding voice, don’t give him the same sorta voice that every other cartoon villain.

PART 2: Really ups the ante with both great action and storytelling. Gentle nods to past incarnations of the show with Scarlett sort of torn between Snake-Eyes and Duke. (In the original cartoon she was Duke’s woman, in the original comics she was Snake Eyes woman)… It was little things like that which shows the people behind this know their history. This is also a Snake Eyes episode where basically he gets to open a can of whoop ass. This is very cool and well presented. Even though Snake Eyes can get sort of tiring as a character because he’s Batman/Wolverine all rolled together, it worked well and it was nice to see this kind of violence from him.

My only complaint would be that again they killed a “major” character. Obviously Bazooka falls pretty low on the GI Joe totem pole, but it seemed silly to kill him off before he was ever introduced. If this was a new cartoon, he’d never amount to anything. Such is life, or death, I suppose. I still think killing name characters for the sake of it is just stupid, especially if their deaths are brushed off as meaningless because we have no reason to care about them. There are TONS of background no name characters that could die without us caring, why kill off name ones to the same effect?

Overall though, it’s quite good and will definitely be worth checking out in full.

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