GI Joe Adventure Team
Man of Evil
12 Inch Scale
By: Master Collector (Hasbro GI Joe Club)
$44 (Free with GI Joe Club Membership)

The GI Joe Collector’s Club, which isn’t officially ran by Hasbro but rather Fun Publications/Master Collector (which work in association with Hasbro) offer up an exclusive figure every year for being a member of their club. In fact they offer two different figures, one for 1:6 scale collectors and one for 3 3/4 collectors. This year’s 3 3/4 figure is 25th Anniversary style Footloose and the 12 inch figure is the “Man of Evil”.

I couldn’t care less about Footloose and I love the Adventure Team so I opted for the Man of Evil. The 12 inch figures are sort of strange in that, they come largely naked (sans some shorts and a shirt) and their gear is sold separately in the store. Unfortunately the GI Joe Club store has been down for a few months now do to a credit card hacking that caused Master Collector to have to redo their entire infrastructure.

The Man of Evil isn’t the first bad guy for the Adventure Team, as we covered yesterday but he is one of the first villains in a traditional sense. Back in 2010, the GI Joe Club did a run of 200 “MARS Henchmen” which served as the first real 12 inch foil for the Adventure Team. Those figures proved to be incredibly popular and finally the Joe Club has taken my suggestion (and the suggestion of countless others) and expanded upon this idea to create some real arch-rivals for the Adventure Team.

So is this bad guy worth your time and membership to the club? Let’s see if this guy is truly evil or if he’s more fitting to swim with sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ heads!

This guy doesn’t come in much of a package. He’s shipped in a pretty basic white mailer box. Mine looked like it had been through a bit of a rough ride.

Despite all that, the figure is protected inside with a nice plastic shell and a plastic bag wrapping.

He also has a couple of twist ties to keep him snug, secure and safe during his travel to you.

This figure is a pretty basic “classic” GI Joe body. It’s modeled after the traditional Adventure Team style and not the more modern Joe body.

Right out of the box he’s pretty plain. He doesn’t come with shoes, pants or a weapon. This guy is as basic as it gets in that respect. The body mold is nice and is made of the same high quality that the GI Joe Club is known for producing.

He doesn’t use the standard Joe face, but instead uses the “foreign” head sculpt. This is a good choice and the flocking makes him somewhat unique as only in recent years has the Club began flocking foreign headed Joes. However it’s the paint job that really makes this guy stand out. With a scar over the right side of his face and a completely white eye. He screams classic 70’s villain. My only complaint is that I have a minor paint rub on one eyebrow.

His hair is also unique with a white “salt and pepper” flock going on. A lot more salt than pepper in this and I believe this is the first time we’ve seen the GIJCC do a flock in this style. It looks great and helps him stand out on the shelf.

He includes a sticker of the MARS logo from 2010 on his shirt. This concept caused some controversy with some Adventure Team purists, who both didn’t want to see any crossover with the Real American Hero Joe and also didn’t want to see the AT fighting terrorists. Unfortunately, I disagree on both accounts. The Adventure Team has had a documented history of fighting bad guys, even if they weren’t implicitly spelled out in the classic figure line. Some of the stories mentioned villains and the old Viewmaster sets showed some as well.

As for the RAH connection, I certainly get the trepidation there. However this version of MARS is not part of Cobra, but rather MARS before they hooked up with the Commander. This allows you to flesh out that story some, without forcing a connection hamfistedly. I love it. It makes sense for them to use something from Joe’s history than to make up an entirely new organization and MARS works because it’s just like SPECTRE or CHAOS, etc. Plus it allows me to use my awesome 12 inch Rise of Cobra Destro against the Adventure Team.

The Man of Evil has kung-fu grip. I’m really glad to see this as some of the other GIJCC figures haven’t had it. The hands are especially plastic-like though and don’t feel as rubbery as the Walmart AT figures from a few years back. However, I was still able to use them to grip a variety of items.

It’s amazing to think that this articulation model was created in 1964. Yes, there are 1:6 scale figures out there that have a ton more articulation, but this figure is still highly poseable. You can get thousands of poses out of this guy with no trouble at all.

The articulation always seems a bit more loose to me without clothing on, though. These figures are made to last the test of time and never get super floppy like a lot of other toys do.

This guy comes with nothing more than his shirt and shorts. I appreciate the fact that he comes with those and the MARS sticker is a nice bonus in that regard. However for $20-$30 more (official price isn’t known at this time because the GI Joe Collector’s Club store is down) you can get his official gear set.

This set comes with a lot of stuff, including an eye patch and an outfit to make him into the complete Man of Evil.

The gear allows him to also play the “Lost Adventurer” which is a con that he’s doing to infiltrate the Adventure Team. It’s a pretty neat set, but again, it doesn’t come with this and costs extra.

In the interim, I gave him some spare pants and boots so that he didn’t look so nekkid. Cotswold Collectibles has some great gear and stuff for these types of Joes. Maybe I’ll pick up an outfit from there for him to wear while I wait for the Club to get it’s stuff together.

This figure costs $44 or he’s free, depending upon how you look at it. Basically, you get this figure for joining the Club. I more or less feel like you’re paying the $44 to get this guy. The Club has other perks, but they aren’t anything to write home about. This guy would definitely be overpriced if he was on retail shelves for this price, but considering the limited run and exclusive nature of the GIJCC stuff, he’s not a bad value. Without these cool figures, I doubt anyone would be rushing to join the Club. As it is, I specifically joined the GI Joe Club this year because I wanted the Man of Evil.

Score Recap:
Packaging – N/A
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – N/A
Value – N/A
Overall – 8 out of 10

I’m not entirely sure I should give a score to a figure like this, because it’s largely incomplete without the accessory pack. However, I decided to attach a base score of 8 to the figure because I think he’s a pretty solid figure even without much. Adding a pair of pants and some boots, made him a useable figure… So he’s a pretty good start as-is.

I’ll probably review the accessory set once I purchase it. It’s been a rough few months for the GI Joe Club and I don’t think this figure will change anyone’s mind about some of the hiccups they’ve had this year. HOWEVER, I think most folks who get this figure will be quite pleased with it and it may help persuade people to put past the previous issues and start buying the uniform accessory sets once the Club’s store reopens.

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