GI Joe Adventure Team
Land Adventurer
12 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

Back in December of 2006, Hasbro teamed up with Hot Topic to release a reproduction of the classic Adventure Team Land Adventurer. A year later, they also released a full set of repro Adventure Team figures to Walmart. As you may recall, the Adventure Team was all the rage in the 1970’s and it saw GI Joe reinvented as more than just an army man.

In my opinion, there’s no difference between the Hot Topic and the Walmart reproduction Land Adventurers. Some folks say there is a difference. But I can’t tell the difference, myself. Basically if you get one, it’s more or less the same as the other. If there are differences, they’re minor.

The Walmart repro Sea Adventurer was my first Adventure Team figure, but the Land Adventurer has come to join him. Can the Land Adventurer prove to be the best Adventure Team member around? Will he finally catch that pesky mummy? These answers and more if you read on!

Classic 12 inch GI Joes came in what has become known as the “coffin” box. It was named as such because the long cardboard box is just the right size to fit Joe inside. In that way, it resembles a coffin. The boxes themselves are also absolutely beautiful. Man have I come to appreciate these boxes over time.

There just isn’t anything on the shelves today with the type of pizzazz that the Don Stivers artwork has. This is a replica of the “Kung-Fu Grip” style packaging, which is slightly different than the original AT boxes.

The sides of the box feature artwork from some of the other sets that were available at the time. There’s a disclaimer at the bottom mentioning that these are only shown for historical depiction. Inside the Land Adventurer is placed in a plastic shell to help hold him into place. He also has a few twist ties locking him into the shell. The vintage figures were just loose in the box, but I think this shell/twist tie formula is MUCH better.

The shell itself is removable. The box is simply taped shut with two tape closures. The box itself is very nice, made of a firm cardboard stock. It’s the perfect place to store your Joes and it’s one of the few packages that is both collector friendly, but also useful. The retro Hasbro logos on the bottom are just icing on the cake.

Even though the Adventure Team were new Joes in the 1970’s, they were built off of the base of the regular GI Joes of the 1960’s. These replicas follow suit and are built off of the 2003 reproduction molds that were made for the regular GI Joes. However, in essence, these are the same designs that GI Joe has had for decades.

Of all the Adventure Team reproductions, the Land Adventurer is right up at the top in terms of being the best. The Man of Action and the “black” Adventurer might be better, but the Land Adventurer is easily the most popular. His short flocking was popular with some collectors, as it offered a new twist on the figure and his hair color is a nice brown. He doesn’t have the issue that the Air and Sea Adventurers had, with their hair color being too bright.

Mind you, no AT Joe enthusiast would mistake this for a vintage figure, but that’s to his benefit. He greatly resembles the vintage figure, but seems modern in some respects as well.

The costume is a nice reproduction of the vintage and probably looks quite a bit like the original version. It’s just right for catching pygmy gorillas!

Something about this figure just works. I think the Adventure Team have a timeless charm.

This guy is sturdy too and ready made for backyard adventures. This is where a toy like the Adventure Team thrives. A kid with an imagination can have hours upon hours of fun with a simple toy like this.

And it’s great that these repro figures are so sturdy. The flocking may fall out a bit more than the originals, but I haven’t had too much issue myself.

He feels rugged and ready to play. Maybe not as much as the vintage Joes, but a heck of a lot more than most modern action figures.

This guy was made for the vast landscape known as the backyard…

Also he’s good at punching politicians!

Hasbro has barely modified Samuel Speers and Hubert O’Conner’s original GI Joe articulation model at all. The only difference here is the Kung-Fu grip, which I still think it amazing. Land Adventurer actually has more articulation than many of the new GI Joe figures on the shelves today.

Yes, that is the same picture from my Sea Adventurer review with the Land Adventurer’s head pasted on. So sue me!

This GI Joe can last a lifetime. Even if his inner string breaks, you can restring him and get his articulation back to working again.

When the GI Joe Adventure Team made the transition to Kung-Fu Grip, they came with a rifle. However the repro Adventure Team sort of serve as a “catch-all” version of the AT, so they include the more popular standard black shoulder-holster and pistol.

The original Adventure Team figures all came with a silver Lebling revolver with a black handle. And the AT repros also all come with that… EXCEPT the Land Adventurer. For some reason the Land Adventurer got a change in weapon.

He now carries a black Luger. Not of the Lex variety. Why the change? I can’t say. People just like it better that way. What? Oh right, nobody knows why Hasbro made this change, but I like it. Adds a little variety.

You also get all the removable clothes and a gray plastic AT dogtag with metal chain.

These guys originally went for $10 at Walmart and $15 at Hot Topic. Either way that’s an outstanding price. Today you can expect to pay anywhere from $25-$40 on the secondary market for the Land Adventurer. It’s a steep price, but this guy is worth it.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 10
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 8
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Holster, Gun
Value – 10
Overall – 9.5 out of 10

There’s really not much difference between the Adventure Team members or the repro figures. The differences are all in the hair color, face paint and outfits. Still each guy manages to have a lot of character and a personality all their own. The figures are top notch fun and I enjoy them a lot.


Big and little kids would enjoy these guys. Hopefully Hasbro brings the repros back out for another round when GI Joe celebrates another milestone birthday in just a couple of years.

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