The GI Joe Collector’s Club have revealed the final details for the 12 inch GI Joe Con Adventure Team set. I know a lot of folks could care less, but I like the Adventure Team and these sets are always pretty neat. This year the Club has put together a pretty fun offering, with a “Desert” Adventurer facing off with a member of M.A.R.S.

Yes the same, Military Armaments Research Syndicate, founded by Destro’s family in the Real American Hero timeline. This goes back to a convention set from 2010, when the Con exclusive was “Escape From Spy Island” and the bonus convention only figure was an evil MARS Henchman. That figure sold like hotcakes and prompted the eventual, Man of Evil.

One of the neatest aspects of this set is the “mummy” costume. The Adventure Team has been tracking down mummies for years and it’s really neat to finally get a full size mummy… Unfortunately this is just a costume for the MARS Trooper and is being listed as a “bio-wrap suit” which seems to indicate that maybe this MARS Trooper is a clone or some sort of genetic creation.

It’s also interesting to note that the brown and yellow MARS Henchman outfit, has now been replaced by an outfit that looks more or less exactly like a Cobra Trooper outfit. It still has the MARS logos, but it looks more like the old comic book Cobra uniforms. I’m a bit indifferent to all that, but I do think the set is cool.

All in all, it’s a cool concept and it’s nice that the story ties into both the 2010 and 2011 convention set. Making this sort of a three part adventure. However, the $315 price tag will likely keep me from ever owning it. The high prices are because of the limited nature of these sets. Only a few hundred were produced, but it’s a pretty tough pill to swallow even if it is cool.

It seems to me that at that price, the GIJCC could have easily included a third figure to wear the mummy costume. Then you could have focused the story around the Adventure Team tracking down a mummy and encountering MARS at the same time. But maybe that’s just how I would play with this set. I am glad to see the Club doing more with villains, though.

Part of the reason the Henchman was such a success, is that the fully dressed figure only cost $50! I suspect if the Club was smart, they’d offer MARS Troopers and the mummy costume (or a complete mummy figure) for a similar price at the GI Joe Collector’s Club store. Of course, that likely won’t happen. Heck, as of this writing the Club’s store is STILL down.

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  • Monte says:

    Followed to this post from Flickr. Wow! This is cool. It's nice to see those old Sigma AT crates reused, and those guns are badass, and I love that Adventurer figure!

    I wonder about the mummy costume; is it a shirt and pants pre-wrapped in permanent bandages? 'Cause I imagine it'd be a pain in the butt to wrap him every time if not!

  • They haven't shown the back of the costume, but I suspect it's all one piece and it's like a jumpsuit with velcro or a zipper in the back. And yeah, it's always cool to see the Club reuse some stuff. The S6 crate looks neat with a new coat of paint.

  • Bill White says:

    Ka-YIKES! I would buy this set in a minute, if it was reasonably priced, but $315 is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much.

    Sometimes I think that toy companies keep pushing the limits on prices to see what geeks are willing to pay (Hasbro, in particular, with their Star Wars Vintage stuff, really seems to be testing this, although Mattel is no slouch!) . Unfortunately, geeks will pay through the nose for stuff they really want.

  • Yeah, the pricing is insane. With the GIJCC, they get a bit of a break because they're not Hasbro, they're just using the molds, so they don't quite get the cost break that Hasbro would. I hear only a few hundred of these are made, but it's still a lot of money. You could make a similar set yourself for less of a price. I'd love to support the Club on these sorts of things, but it's just too steep of a price.

    I think they could cut back on the price some with less fancy packaging and such. I want the toys, I don't care if it comes in an old brown paper sack!

  • Booberry says:

    It's not a mummy at all… just a guy covered in Ace bandages and toilet paper.

  • Zach S. says:

    Yeah…the pricing on this stuff is insane. I really want the Oktober Guard…but just…no. I can't ever in my life justify spending over $300 on GI Joes. Ever.

  • I always think the 3.75 sets are at least a bit more worth the money. They're still not really worth it, but moreso than these sets. There's more original sculpting and stuff going on in the smaller sets. I imagine if the Club could drop $150 off the price tag, they could sell twice as many more. Which would make up the difference with economies of scale and all that, but maybe I'm wrong.

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