What could be more Halloween themed than the Ghostbusters? Well probably plenty of things, but Mattel’s new Ghostbusters line does manage to squeeze into the Halloween theme so we’re featuring it here today on our 31 Days of Halloween. This is the first official figure in the line, although they released a special “slimed Egon” back at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year. I was broke back at SDCC so this is my first time handling a Mattel Ghostbuster figure.

As a kid I had a grand total of three Ghostbuster figures. My favorite GB Winston, Ray, whom I am reviewing today and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. Those old Ghostbuster toys were made by Kenner and based off the awesome “REAL” Ghostbusters cartoon, whereas these new toys are made by Mattel and are based off of the feature films.

As I said above this is my first time handling one of these figures so the package is still new and exciting to me. It’s got a very unique design with the Stay Puft Man in the background, the two terror dogs in the front and the Ghostbuster logo up and at an angle. I think it’s a pretty beautiful package and way better than any of the packages Mattel currently uses for it’s mass retail lines. My only complaint would be that the Ghostbusters’ logo is a bit obscured, but it’s a minor complaint at best.

The back of the package features a nice little bio and it’s done in the form of a messy Ghostbusters’ desk. It’s got some pictures from the movie and it really shows that Mattel has some care for this license. They’ve put some nice work into the package here, both front and back.

Inside Ray is trapped by a couple of those clear rubber bands. I believe these things are a bit too tight and have warped Ray’s legs some. The “Logo Ghost” also has a band on him so be sure to cut it as well. As always scissors is the best route for getting rid of these pesky things. Ray is jammed so far back into the package that there is absolutely NO point in the rubber bands being there.

Ultimately the rubber bands and the dynamic pose inside are negatives to me. Ray ended up with a couple of minor warping issues as a result of both. I don’t understand why toy companies are so insistent on doing both. Apparently the SDCC Egon had a resealable package, but for no plausible reason Mattel changed the package on the standard figures to be a regular bubble card… So don’t take him out if you want to keep him MOC.

Stantz has plenty of articulation but it’s not without a couple of faults. Ray ends up with a bunch of pin/post style ball joints in all the key areas along with some surprising additions. For starters he has DCUC style hips which may or may not make you happy. I like these style of hips, so I’m not going to complain about that.

The ball jointed head gives you a surprising amount of range and the biggest shocker to me was the ball jointed hands. I really didn’t expect that and they work quite well. I’m not sure why they have the addition of rocker ankles, but it’s pretty cool. The elbows don’t work quite as well as I’d like and you may have noticed that no one has posted any pictures of Ray touching his left elbow with his right hand to simulate him firing a blast from the proton wand, because he can’t. A bit of a letdown in that regard.

The other minor buzzkill is that the DCUC style hips and the sculpting on his leg prevents them from fully functioning. He can lift his leg only so far. Surprisingly the side with the gloves on his belt don’t impede the articulation as much as the side with the other gizmos.

This is a nice sculpt no doubt about it. If you’re interested in collecting this line, you’d better come to love it too because the foursome will all have the same sculpt. I don’t care for that, I’d like a little bit of pudge on Ray Stantz. I realize he wasn’t that chubby in the original Ghostbuster movies, but a new torso for Ray would have went a long way towards making these guys seem more individual.

Evolution of a Ghostbuster.

There seems to be some debate on his head. For starters his neck looks a bit large and fat. His head seems a tad small for the body. Apparently he looks a bit silly next to Egon, but I thought Egon’s head was a little too big from the pictures. I’d do a comparison for you, but I never landed an Egon because he costs close to $60 on Ebay and it’s just not worth it to me to get a slimed variant.

The sculpt is all pretty solid though with lots of little details throughout. If we’re going to see this body reused ad nauseam, at least it’s a good one. I was impressed with the little zippers just above the boots that show how the body suit works. Although I have no idea if that’s accurate at all as it doesn’t seem logical, but it’s a nice touch.

The head and face definitely looks like Dan Aykroyd. It’s probably not a perfect likeness, but it’s definitely a good one. I have no real complaints with it. If anything it’s the neck that’s throwing the head sculpt off.

Mattel probably could have gotten away with sculpting a lot less of the little details and some of the extra hoses and doodads, but they included them. They should be applauded for making a really nice body sculpt here. I’m sure hardcore Ghostbuster fans may have some grievances but I doubt the common fan will have many issues.

The proton pack is obviously the biggest highlight and it’s been done really well. Again, I’m sure if you’ve studied the proton pack day and night you may not think it’s 100% screen accurate, but for regular folks it’s perfect. I do wish it was removable though.

The proton wand is rubbery and warped all to hell thanks to the dynamic packaging. The hose that’s connected to the wand is made out of a semi-rigid plastic but seems pliable enough. I have heard reports of it snapping though and the docking station on the proton pack is screen accurate but a bit convoluted in terms of location so it increases the chances of it breaking somewhat. Since the proton pack and wand are connected to the figure I don’t consider them accessories.

I’m pretty curious what Mattel will do with the Real Ghostbuster figures. Those are the ones I’m looking forward to the most, but who knows if they’ll ever actually produce figures from it.

Egon came with an awesome translucent Slimer figure. Ray gets the slightly less cool “Logo Ghost” which is exactly what his name implies. He’s the ghost from the Ghostbusters logo. It’s a decent figure and it glows in the dark.



One kinda neat element about the logo ghost is that you can take him apart and remove the “NO” portion. This makes this figure a pretty cool accessory as he’s not the most traditional looking ghost you can imagine. I do tend to think he’d looked better casted in all white instead of glow in the dark, but I bet Mattel will toss that in with a later figure.

The ghost also comes with a clear stand to simulate the idea that he’s flying. He doesn’t have any articulation but this stand certainly helps with the playability. I’m sure most people will just use him as a logo, but I like his actual ghost potential.

Additional Notes:
The Ghostbusters line looks like it could be a limited line for Mattel, but so far they’ve managed to create some pretty decent figures. Ray is still available at MattyCollector.com and assuming they don’t screw anything up you should be able to get the figure for a bit longer.

The figure is listed at $20 but with shipping he works out to be about $30. Depending on how you look at it, this guy is either a $20 or $30 figure. Either way he’s not worth either of those pricetags, but he’s good enough that I’ll continue buying the Busters for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure why Mattel didn’t just make a Ghostbusters 4 pack right out the gate but I suppose they think staggering the releases is somehow better.

Bustin’ makes me feel good!

I can definitely recommend them if you’re already buying MOTUC or something else monthly from Mattel anyway. That softens the pricetag and makes him about $25 depending on how much MOTUC crap you’re suckered into buying. If you’re a hardcore Ghostbuster fan, then obviously you need this as well.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Logo Ghost
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

I quite like this Ray. I think the likeness is better than Egon, who to me looks too much like Dustin Hoffman. I’ll be picking all of these guys up and I can’t wait to get my hands on Winston. As a kid I always had to borrow my friend’s Peter (Something you shouldn’t say aloud) and I’ve never had a complete Ghostbusters team. Now is finally my chance.

Invisible woman sleeping in your bed? Probably.

Also be sure to check back later for more of the 31 Days of Halloween.

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