I wrote back in September on the new Revoltech Gamera figure. Back then all we had was a rough prototype and some sketchy details. Now new pictures have surfaced and it’s pretty obvious that this Gamera is going to rock your socks off.

I promised some news during Japanese Monster Week and I think this is pretty big news. Not only will there be a Revoltech Gamera, but also his arch rival Gyaos. To make things even more interesting to me, is the fact that these are all based off the Guardian of the Universe designs which rank up there as my favorite designs of Gamera and Gyaos.

Just look at the detail and with Revoltech’s known nature of being able to swap off heads, limbs, etc for accessories this is looking to be a ton of fun for Gamera fans. No word yet on just how big they’ll be but Revoltech tends to be small, so likely in the 3-5 inch range.

Adding to the intrigue there was also a pretty rad version of Baragon posted. I haven’t heard anything on any other Godzilla monsters, but having a ton of Revoltech Kaiju really excites me. If we only get Gamera, Gyaos and Baragon that’ll be okay too.

I’m so buying all of these when they come out next year. Must resist the urge to army build Gyaos…

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