So here’s some fun Gamera facts that you may or may not know. Just in time for the holidays! So learn some more about your favorite turtle for the 12 Days of Gamera!

A lot of people know Gamera from his days on on Mystery Science Threatre 3000. What some folks may not know, is that Gamera debuted on the original Mystery Science Theatre 3000 back when it wasn’t on cable, but local TV in Minneapolis. What’s interesting is that these were “holiday” episodes, airing during the month of December.

Gamera versus Barugon, Gamera the Invincible and Gamera versus Gyaos all aired during December and the guys were in a particular festive spirit. In fact Crow was transformed into a Christmas tree and did not participate in two of the shows.

The actual original Gamera movie episode is particularly interesting as Joel comments on the movie alone. It’s an interesting episode to watch, albeit not very funny. It’s more like watching a movie with a friend who occasionally speaks, not the usual MST3K goodness.

This was back in the day when they took calls. Some kid invited them to his birthday party… That’s pretty awesome. These episodes are actually the first known surviving episodes of the early days of MST3K. Eventually the movies would be reshown in later years and were parodied more extensively.

Speaking of fun facts, actress and model Ayako Fujitani who plays Asagi Kusanagi in the modern Gamera trilogy… Is the daughter of Steven Seagal! Thankfully she didn’t get her acting skills from him!

And finally, here’s a look at Gamera and friends, from the inside!

Tomorrow, more figure reviews! Gamera’s Christmas celebration continues!

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  • Bill White says:

    Newton, are these original MST3K episodes on one of the DVD collections? I've always been curious to see them.

  • Not to my knowledge. They did release the later MST3K Gamera episodes, but not the original episodes from the local TV days. The ones I've seen are actually old tapes, which have lots of issues with the picture and such (as VHS copies tend to) and are more or less "fan bootlegs". Supposedly the guys at Big Brain may or may not have those original episodes as master tapes, but I don't think they've been included on any DVDs. I imagine if they would have been, it would have been included in the Gamera set from last year or so.

    You can find the fan copies of those original episodes on the net though, if you look around enough.

  • Bill White says:

    I have the later versions, but I was hoping for an easy-access version of earlier episodes. Sadly, I'm too lazy to go surfing the Net for those.

    This would be the ideal time to mention: Why doesn't some company produce MST3K action figures?! They would sell like crazy!

    In a fantasy scenario: How cool would life-size Crow and Tom puppets be?! I'd pay a premium for those, in case any toy company is reading…

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I had an awesome ps1 game called Gamera 2000,the writing was hilarious and so was the acting.Great stuff,Newt!

  • Sometimes you can buy fan made puppets made from the real stuff, but they're super expensive. I've never understood why a toy company, even like NECA, didn't make some limited figures from the show.

  • Oh yeah, Gamera 2000 good times.

    I love the Gamera SNES game. One of the last games I sat down and beat, which was pretty hard considering it's all in Japanese.

    Glad you're enjoying!

  • plannedbanter says:

    Clearly they hate MONEY

  • What toy company doesn't!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I think i emulated a random Gamera game for gameboy that plays like Super godzilla on super nes,effing love that goji game,I bet they got Spacegodzilla's design from super godzilla.

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